What are the benefits of taking IVF Procedure from Gomti Thapar hospital?

What are the benefits of taking IVF Procedure from Gomti Thapar hospital?

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    Since the last few years, the success rate of IVF is continuously increasing. According to the gynaecologist in Punjab, “Because the awareness of the people about infertility has contributed a lot in making the maximum couples approach the IVF centre in Punjab without hesitation and shame.” We do accept that there are several societal constraints about this procedure, but we never understood why these constraints have come into existence.

    Why should you visit Gomti Thapar hospital for IVF treatment?

    Because of the proper training of the gynaecologist and the fertility experts, we believe in individualizing the fertility treatment for each couple. We never consider taking up the IVF treatment at the first stage rather we get assured that none of the other fertility treatment measures could bring about satisfactory results.

    For example: For women who are below 35 and are suffering from infertility have the chances to conceive through Intrauterine Insemination and ovulation induction. These are the procedures that involve fewer steps as compared to IVF.

    If both of the measures fail in bringing up the desired output, then the IVF procedure will be taken into account

    When should the couple approach Gomti Thapar IVF Hospital?

    If you are desiring to get a presence one year and you have not been able to. Then it is because of infertility.

    What should a couple be expecting throughout the procedure?

    • First of all, when you are determined to visit the fertility centre, you should make yourself prepared to share the medical history and sexual details.
    • Afterwards, you will have to undergo some fertility tests which will help the doctor to know which is the main cause of infertility and how it can be treated.
    • To commence the procedure, fertility experts usually take the time of 1 or 2 months. During this period, the health of the couple is aimed to get nourished with the help of an effective dietary and physical activity plan.
    • Once you are ready for the IVF, the woman will have to undergo the egg retrieval and the male will be asked to provide the sample of his semen.
    • The eggs with the best properties are mixed with the finest quality of the sperms and the resulting output will be an embryo which after completing 5 days of incubation is transferred to the uterus.

    What should be taken care of of the woman after the embryo transfer?

    The two weeks after the embryo transfer are the most difficult for the woman. Because the period of 14 days is considered critical for the success of the IVF procedure. And because of that, the woman is often suggested to do complete bed rest.



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