IVF Treatments through Previous Years

IVF Treatments through Previous Years

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    Infertility has become quite common in current times. People are finding it difficult to conceive. The cause of the rise in infertility may lie in the increase in pollution, stressful lifestyle and lack of physical activity. Sometimes the male and the female both suffer from various factors which could hinder a successful conception. It is the most effective and popular ART technique which has lent the joy of parenthood to many couples. If you are looking for such a solution to your infertility problem, IVF centre will come to your help. The lady doctor at the clinic will first perform a thorough check-up of both the male and the female partner. IVF doctor may then suggest the most suitable method for the couple.

    A look at IVF 

    The technique was first used in the 1970s which led to the birth of the first test-tube baby. The procedure is employed after both the male and the female are tested for their fertility status.

    The female’s ovulation cycle is studied and she is given fertility-enhancing drugs to stimulate the production of eggs. A woman produces one egg in each ovulation cycle but after taking the drugs, the woman can produce multiple eggs in one cycle.

    It involves the extraction of the eggs from the woman’s body and the sperms from the male body. Both the eggs and the sperms are fused under controlled conditions in the lab. The best among the embryos so formed are chosen for implantation in the woman’s uterus. If the implantation is successful, the woman gets pregnant. Nine months later, the couple can proudly call themselves parents of their offspring. The technique was in its initial stages in the 1970s but it has come a long way now. It is now used in conjunction with various other techniques like ICSI to increase the chances of fertilization.

    Which problems require IVF?

    The problems may be present in either one or both the partners. IVF is strongly recommended in cases where the conditions are as follows-

    1. Blocked tubes: If the female’s fallopian tubes are blocked, she will not be able to conceive without bypassing the role tubes play. IVF presents this opportunity to her.
    2. Low sperm count: If the male partner has problems with his sperm count, morphology or motility, then this method acts as a boon to them.
    3. Scanty or no ovulation :If the female shows poor or no ovulation, then IVF technique is recommended.
    4. Endometriosis –If the woman suffers from this condition, then it means that the lining of her uterus is growing outside the uterus which casts a negative effect on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the uterus.

    The procedure has an estimated 30 per cent chances of success which is quite high as compared to other methods.

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