4-minute guide: Everything you need to know about ovulation problem

4-minute guide: Everything you need to know about ovulation problem

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    Ovulation and Pregnancy

    When a couple consults the fertility doctor to understand, ‘Why am I having trouble conceiving?’ Under this state, the primary factor is to analyze the situation to understand better what kind of lifestyle the person has lived earlier and whether it’s something that might be affecting the case. The medical expert will better analyze the right source of infertility when you visit the IVF Centre in Punjab. Doing all comprehensive tests play a significant part in pinpointing what’s wrong.

    When you are trying to conceive, your ovulation cycle plays a crucial part. And there are many women out there who have trouble with their conception cycle. Therefore, it’s essential to visit the Test Tube Baby Centre and understand what’s wrong & how the situation can be dealt with.

    Important Note!

    If you have been trying to conceive for the last six months to 1 year, you must consult a medical expert to understand the situation.


    Types of ovulation problems

    Here are the most common types of ovulation problems, and it’s divided into two basic types:

    • Anovulation

    Anovulation means the absence of ovulation on a complete basis. Mainly, it’s common in women in the pre-menopausal phase, and it does trigger psychological stress, eating disorders, BMI issue, and hypothalamus.

    • Oligoovulation

    Oligo Ovulation means irregular ovulation. Under this state, it’s possible to have infrequent ovulation, and the egg release is not that proper. For a woman, it’s difficult to understand what is, making it difficult for the woman to conceive.

    Which are the most common reasons behind ovulation issues?

    Now, it’s worth considering the significant reasons that trigger ovulation issues. Here is the list of most common reasons behind ovulation problems:

    • PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)

    PCOS is one of the standard states when male hormones are in the surge in the body. Women with PCOS will have noticeable symptoms like acne, weight gain, hair growth, and ovaries containing cysts.

    • Problem with hypothalamus

    Hypothalamus is the brain part that plays a significant role in controlling the pituitary gland. Most importantly, it helps with ovulation. If the hormones are not balanced under this state, then an ovulation issue is likely to occur.

    • Excess prolactin

    If the pituitary gland has excess prolactin, then the body starts producing excess estrogen, and over time, there is the problem of infertility and ovulation dysfunction.

    Ovulation treatment helps to restore fertility

    Ovulation treatment allows fertility to be restored and helps the couple to get pregnant. All in all, it’s about getting the treatment done on time and understanding what sort of condition can manage the same. If you are struggling to conceive and wondering what the right treatment plan for you is, then schedule your initial consultation at Gomti Thapar Hospital to plan everything in an ideal manner. If there’s any doubt on your mind, then better talk to the doctor about the same to enlighten yourself all effectively.

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