Libido Boosters for Ladies?

Libido Boosters for Ladies?

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    At a young age, we might take not focus on our libido as we assume that the zest will be the same with our partner. But, as we age there are many changes that occur in the body. In that case, the sex drive can also get affected. Read the given topic as we have mentioned the libido boosters for ladies.

    Here are some of the ways which have been proven beneficial in boosting the libido for the ladies:


    • Get quality sleep


    Getting quality sleep is very important and here is another reason for doing that. One of the studies has shown that if women sleep one hour more at night then the sexual activity chances are increased to 14%. Moreover, genital arousal is also more as compared to the woman who sleeps less. There is no doubt, with good quality sleep the body as well as the brain gets recharged. So, make sure you sleep every day peacefully.

    In case you are facing any health issue then seek help from your lady doctor right away.


    • Start having red wine instead of gin and tonic


    Studies have shown that consumption of red wine (not more than 2 glasses per day) helps in boosting the women libido. However, if the women consume other drinks like spirits then there has not been the same link as this. Although it is not easy to understand the relation with a single study. One of its theories is that red wine antioxidants help in widening the blood vessels which eventually increases the blood flow to the reproductive organs of the body.

    Talk to the gynae Punjab if you are still having an issue or nothing is working in your favor.


    • Start taking supplements


    If there are mineral and vitamin deficiencies then it can create problems like fatigue, cramping, constipation, and dizziness. This will also affect sexual response. Some of the supplements include:

    Iron: Studies have shown that iron supplements improve arousal, lubrication, desire, and ability to have an orgasm. But, make sure that you take the supplements as suggested by your doctor.

    – Tribulus Terrestris: In the Mediterranean, it is flowering plants that have helped improve orgasm, lubrication, sexual desire, and sexual satisfaction in ladies. It should be taken for 4 weeks, around 7.5 milligrams and also the pain while having intercourse is less.

    – L-arginine: This helps in dilating the blood vessels which eventually increases the blood flow which boosts the sexual arousal.


    • Start doing Kegel Exercise

    Kegel exercise is very helpful in preventing urinary incontinence as well as sexual performance in women. Doing pelvic exercises can also help in having a longer orgasm. This will strengthen the pelvic floor. You can ask your doctor to let you know how it should be done.

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