Lifestyle Changes that Affect Health of Fetus

Lifestyle Changes that Affect Health of Fetus

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    Pregnancy is good news for the wannabe mother. A  woman who has received the good news starts taking good care of herself the moment she realizes that she is not one but two.

    As the pregnancy advances, the woman is advised to take good care of her, including the right kind of diet, exercise, and emotional wellbeing. While the well-known facts direct us to give up detrimental habits like alcoholism, smoking, and drug abuse, there are many other things which we must be careful to ensure that the baby remains unharmed in the womb. According to IVF doctor, one should be very careful during pregnancy. The pregnant lady should get herself regularly checked by a gynae. If you are looking for gynecologist Punjab, you must visit gomti thapar clinic.

    In this post, we aim to divulge knowledge about the things which though otherwise normal, can detrimentally affect the fetus.

    1. Caffeine:

    It is often an eye-opener when you feel groggy in the morning. But it doesn’t mean that it is good for the fetus. It could spell the morning freshness for you but it is not a safe bet for your fetus. Its major constituent is caffeine which can affect calcium absorption in the body. It can also lead to excessive urination and loss of water from the body. If you are a patient of hypertension, then you have all the more reason to avoid it as it can increase the blood pressure. The condition is undesirable during pregnancy.

    1. First hand /second-hand smoking 

    Of course, it is bad to smoke during pregnancy but it is equally harmful if you are exposed to smokers. Cigarette smoke has various toxic chemicals which can cause a shortage of oxygen to the fetus. The nicotine content of the cigarette causes a reduction in the blood flow between the placenta and the uterus. It can also lead to premature labor and stillbirth of the baby.

    1. Physically strenuous labor

    Whether you are a homemaker or do a professional job, physically exhausting activities can prove to hurt the health of the fetus. Long periods of standing continuously are not good news for the fetus. Lack of adequate rest and sleep may make the woman more susceptible to preterm labor and long hours of labor. So the would-be mother should learn to chill now and then.

    1. Eating junk food 

    Junk snacking can come easily, given the fact that the woman may experience unusual cravings and she may have the urge to eat at unearthly hours. Once in a while, junk snacking is ok but don’t make it a habit as it can lead to excess weight gain and increase in the risk of hypertension and diabetes. Junk food often comes added with food coloring and chemicals which can cause disabilities in the fetus.

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