Managing IVF and Job Side by Side

Managing IVF and Job Side by Side

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    While undergoing the IVF treatment it can be quite stressful to manage everything properly. In that case, women worry about how she can handle the work along with the treatment. In this topic, we are going to tell you how you can manage the job and IVF side by side.

    Deciding on whether you want to continue doing work while your fertility treatment is scheduled is a very personal choice. This depends on different factors which include financial, work solution, experience, side effects, and privacy preferences.

    Ideally, IVF needs a few hours off and it includes appointments, ultrasounds, blood tests, and the full day to collect the egg. So, how you can fit the fertility treatment into your busy schedule.

    Consider how much time you need

    Once you meet the IVF doctor and the team you will get to know what does the individual treatment plan will include from early morning visits which will include egg retrieval procedure and embryo transfer.

    You can ask the team as they will help to modify the date when needed so that you can manage everything comfortably.

    Prepare a plan before you talk with your boss

    • In some cases, patients are not sure whether they want to tell their boss or HR regarding treatment. They think that their boss will not understand their situation. In case, you decide not to talk about this then it can be stressful to manage the work and it is emotionally draining also.
    • You can tell the boss that the issue is serious and you would like to keep it private. Also, tell that you need to be kept under close monitoring so that possible side effects can be prevented.

    So, make sure to have a workable plan so that you feel calm and confident while the treatment is progressing at the IVF centre.

    Taking care of yourself and physical comfort at work

    • For the treatment, your body will go through different changes but you need to make sure that you put your body at comfort. The medications taken during treatment can lead to symptoms or side effects. Make sure that you invest in workwear like wrap dresses, comfy flats, and flowing tunics.
    • To keep yourself energized and get relieved from nausea you should have frequent meals and snacks. In your purse or desk drawer, you should keep nuts and crackers.

    Counseling can help you manage things in a better way

    Confusion and frustration are very common so it is better to get a counseling service. The counseling session will include:

    • Providing confidential support
    • Infertility emotional aspect
    • Preoccupation with treatment
    • Pregnancy loss
    • Couple relationships and IVF
    • Pregnancy & parenting after IVF treatment
    • Self-help for managing emotions

    Talk to the fertility doctor for a better understanding and manage your job along with the treatment without stress.

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