Myths Related to Prostate Cancer

Myths Related to Prostate Cancer

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    What is prostate cancer?

    Prostate cancer : The prostate gland is a part of the male reproductive system. This cancer have become most common among men nowadays. It is treated with diagnosis earlier before it starts spreading all over the body. If the symptoms appear, it consists of problems with urination. Regular screening is the best way to detect such types of disease. The treatment available in Moga, Punjab has been effective as far as this disease is concerned, Urologist in Moga has elaborated the solutions with extreme technology.

    There are number of myths regarding prostate cancer:

    1. It is only for older men: It is being thought by many people that prostate cancer is only for older men and not for male with less age. But on the other hand the very true fact about this is that majority of the men have been diagnosed with this disease, about 40 % of younger men are seen to have such diseases and suffering from problems like this.
    2. It is an inherited disease: Some people thinks that prostate cancer is a disease which can easily pass on to the generations. But it is not true because every-time it is not possible that people with family history of this cancer will get it. There are even some chances but always it is not right because it can happen to anyone anytime irrespective of the family history.
    3. Prostate cancer is not deadly: Several people thinks that this is a disease which is not as harmful as others. But surprisingly, there are worst effects to the body. Mostly it is found that doctors call it indolent which means that they grow slowly ans can often be actively monitored.
    4. If it happens again then there is no treatment: It is one of the most common myth that people are obsessed of thinking that if once the cancer comes back then it becomes difficult to treat it. Patients are always curious to know that weather they would be able to deal with such chronic disease once again or not.
    5. PSA tests are harmful for the body: Some of the prostate cancer experts recommend against regular PSA testing, it is commonly seen that many patients are scared of tests like PSA. Causes of a high PSA can range from normal cycling to the ejaculations. As a result, some men are given extra medications to cope up with such a big issue.

    If anyone has a low PSA, then they can not have this prostate cancer: PSA levels play a great role in the diagnosis process of prostate cancer. PSA test is very different from others in a manner that it determines all the functions of the disease to be treated in future.

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