Which are the best natural home remedies for Urinary Tract Infection?

Which are the best natural home remedies for Urinary Tract Infection?

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    It’s our nature, when we have a health issue we look for natural home remedies to get relief. We try to scroll through the internet or take suggestions from our elders on what can improve our condition.

    One of the health conditions is UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). When the problem is in the initial stages, you can try out some of the natural remedies which can give you the results you are looking for. Although keep in mind, you should not delay the condition, if after some time you are not getting relief or the symptoms are getting worse.

    In the meantime, here are some of the natural home remedies which even health experts suggest to include in case of UTI.

    Natural home remedies for UTI

    • Increase the daily water intake

    Even if you have UTI or not, you need to drink as much water as you can. It helps to empty the bladder and will flush out the harmful toxins present in the body. Make sure that you are not hesitant to drink water or feel lazy that you need to go to the washroom again & again. Make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. In addition, you need to include water-based food like:

    • Oranges
    • Lettuce
    • Soups
    • Broths
    • Watermelon

    So, make sure that you do not wait until you are thirsty and sip on your water bottle after some time.

    • Sip on unsweetened cranberry juice

    Although, research is not clear that cranberry juice can help in preventing UTI. But, the consumption of juice can make it difficult for the UTI bacteria to form in the urinary tract walls. Make sure that you avoid the consumption of juice with added sugar as it can make the infection worse.

    • Never delay going to the washroom

    Some people try to ‘HOLD IT’. This is the biggest mistake you can make for your urinary health and it gives the chances to bacteria to grow in the body. So, make sure that when you feel the urge you should go to the washroom.

    Also, make sure that you pee after having sexual intercourse to prevent the chances of infection or bacteria.

    • Garlic consumption is helpful

    One of the researchers has pointed out that garlic consumption can help in reducing the spread of bacteria which leads to UTI. So, make sure that you have one clove of garlic empty stomach in the morning.

    • Make Vitamin C an important part of the diet

    Vitamin C is an important option to increase body immunity along with it benefits urinary tract health. Through this, the bacteria growth is limited in the body and it even prevents the occurrence of UTI. When you have UTI, make sure that you do not indulge in acidic food as it makes the conditions even worse.

    • Do not eat bladder irritating food

    You need to avoid the consumption of acidic or citric food along with caffeine, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners as these make your bladder irritate and increase the chances of bladder leakage. So, make sure that you are watchful of what you eat when you have UTI.

    • Wash from front and back

    You need to wash it correctly and it prevents the chances of infection to a great extent. After you have done urinating or bowel movement, you need to wipe it from the front as well as back.

    What can I do to minimize the pain of a UTI?

    Make sure that you wear loose-fitting clothes made from cotton as they are comfortable and help to keep the moisture at the right level.

    Apply a heating pad on the pelvic area or bladder to ease the pain and it will help the muscles to relax.

    Take the pain killer but make sure to consult the doctor. Do not try to start the medication on your own as it can make things worse.

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