What Should You Expect During Ovarian Stimulation In IVF Treatment?

What Should You Expect During Ovarian Stimulation In IVF Treatment?

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    Infertility is prevalent nowadays; people are suffering from one of the other fertility issues caused by genetics, unhealthy eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle, aging, underlying health issues, and many more. Such sensitive problems are easily treated with the help of IVF treatment.

    If you have gone to the IVF Centre in Punjab, you might have come across many technical words which might have gone over your head. But it is essential to learn about the standard terms and what it means before you go blindly for this surgery. It is your duty to gather as much information as possible. Your knowledge would help you note down that procedure without skipping any process.

    One such term is ovarian stimulation. You might have heard this term repeatedly either from your doctor or when you might be searching for some data about IVF treatment.

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    What Is Ovaraian Stimulatin?

    In the IVF treatment, ovarian stimulation is the second stage. In this phase, the doctor retrieves as much as healthy eggs from the women’s ovaries—the chances of the eggs being fertilized increases in this process of harvesting. The fertilized eggs are then implanted back into the women’s uterus for the natural process of birth.

    It is not unknown that the process of the reproductivity cycle is a complicated one. Thus, it also makes the process of ovarian stimulation a complex procedure.

    When Do, The Patient, Is Recommended Ovarian Stimulation?

    The doctor generally recommended this process for

    • Doctors induce ovulation in patients suffering from ovulatory dysfunction to help them get pregnant.
    • It is usually used in IVF treatment for harvesting eggs from women’s ovaries.
    • If you want to freeze your eggs for future use, this process is used to store your eggs (oocytes).

    Some Advice For Patient Who Would Undergo Ovarian Stimulation

    If you rae deciding to undergo IVF treatment, try to follow these tips before you go ahead with ovarian stimulation

    • Find a reliable hospital for your treatment. It is vital that you choose a reputable clinic before you go ahead with the process of ovarian stimulation.
    • Communicate with the staff members and the doctors about each process to have better transparency. Remember, communication is the vital key to having the best outcome.
    • Make sure to make all the arrangements beforehand for the travel as you require help.
    • Be gentle to yourself, do not take much stress; it would not help anyone; try to relax before the treatment has begun.

    Side Effects Of Ovarian Stimulation

    Although it is a safe procedure, these are some of the side effects you can see for LH and FSH:

    • Tender breast, swelling, or rashes.
    • Depression and mood swings.
    • Chances of multiple births.
    • Cases of premature delivery or miscarriage.

    Remember, the side effects would vary on the patient, depending on their lifestyle and health issues.

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