How do pelvic Problems lead to the decreased interest in sex life?

How do pelvic Problems lead to the decreased interest in sex life?

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    The Pelvic floor plays a crucial role while having sex. If you want to know how then read below.

    What is the role of the Pelvic floor in sex?

    When the couple mates, then the health of the pelvic floor will determine whether the sex will be pleasurable or irritable. If you are wondering how, then read the whole blog.


    The Pelvic floor is responsible to make sure whether the women will have pain free vaginal penetration or not. A healthy pelvic floor ensures that the blood is getting supplied to the vagina for orgasm stimulation. The orgasm helps to lubricate the vagina. The lubricated or wet vagina always makes the penetration act enjoyable and smooth. So for the whole of the process to make sex enjoyable, the pelvic floor is responsible.

    What if the Pelvic floor is unhealthy?

    The unhealthy pelvic floor is always responsible for causing a lot of sexual problems:

    • The sex life may get devastated as the women may lack interest in sexual activity.
    • The women may get irriated when her partners approaches for sex which will cause a bad effect on the relationship.

    Notable point

    When any of the one mating partners lose interest in the sex, then the deteriorated sex life may lead to a problematic relationship.

    You are advised to know about the symptoms of the unhealthy pelvic floor. As the symptoms will help you to detect your problem at an early rate. Early detection may lead to early treatment which will help you to get a happier and healthier sex life.

    SEX PROBLEMS – Because of unhealthy Pelvic Floor


    The women are usually not able to enjoy the sex because of the painful vaginal penetration. When pain is experienced during intercourse, then the women will not be able to enjoy these and will always try to get it ended soon. So in those conditions, the male partner may also get dissatisfied.

    Symptom of Pelvic Pain

    In case, the pain is causing you to feel like the following, then that pain should not be taken lightly as it can completely deteriorate the pelvic floor:

    • Ripping
    • Tearing
    • Burning Sensation

    Why does this pain happen?

    This pain comes about because of the dysfunctionality of the muscles.

    Situation 1:

    There are some conditions in which the muscles are supposed to relax completely but when they do not do so, then the pain happens.

    Situation 2:

    While other times, the muscles are contracting when they are to relax.

    How to treat pain?

    First of all, you should consider doing sex while applying lubricant to your vagina. If still, the pain persists, then you must consult the doctor who will either treat with the hormonal therapies or with several medications.

    Bladder Leakage

    Owing to the following, bladder leakage may be experienced during intercourse:

    • Increased Urgency
    • Instability of the urethra
    • Poor muscle coordination


    Because of the bladder leakage, the women may constantly worry about it while having sex which may lead to problems in sexual arousal.

    Important fact

    The women with bladder control problems are always worried about being sexy since the vaginal foul odour always makes her think like that.

    How can you get rid of it?

    To prevent this problem, you must try the following:

    Plan your diet chart again. And this time, you should focus on eliminating those food items from your diet which may have some of the bladder irritants.

    • Urinate before having sex
    • Try to strengthen your pelvic muscles


    If you have such a problem, then make sure you are trying various sex positions. It will help you to find the one sex positions which satisfy both the partners.

    Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    This condition is very painful for women. In this condition, the pelvic organs somehow get slipped into the vagina which will lead to structural problems of the reproductive system. This problem comes into origin because of the following:

    • Trauma
    • Childbirth
    • Chronic Constipation
    • Pressure placed on the pelvic floor

    Urinary incontinence

    It is a problem in which the woman does not have control over the urinary leakage. This may be extremely disturbing for the male partners.

    Don’t Worry! We are with you

    In case, you are experiencing problems in your sex life, you can consult us. We are sure to provide you with the right guidance which will surely help you to enliven the joy in your sex life all over again.

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