Causes And Symptoms Of Period Cramps And The Home Remedies To Ease It

Causes And Symptoms Of Period Cramps And The Home Remedies To Ease It

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    If it would have been possible to cut the subscription of period pains, I am pretty sure many would have already done it.

    I mean nobody warned about the cramps, bloating, irritation, hormonal effects on emotions and nausea, the most common symptoms that the people who bleed would bond over.

    It not only affects your day to day life activity but is also a nuisance to your mental health. This is why many women have a question: What causes menstrual cramps?

    Certain conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis can cause severe menstrual pain, it is also a major reason for infertility among women. If you are unable to conceive a child you must visit IVF Centre in Punjab to learn and solve the problem at hand.

    Symptoms Of Period Cramps

    There are so many symptoms that are noticed during menstrual pains, and each may vary from woman to woman. There are some women, who do not even feel any kind of discomfort during periods (by the way, how do you feel to be Gods favourite?)

    That being said here are some common symptoms that are most visible during period pain:

    • Serius Fatigue
    • Heavy bleeding
    • Bloating
    • Irritability
    • Dullness
    • Constant ache
    • During the period there is cramping or throbbing pain in the uterus.
    • Pain in thighs or lower back.
    • Headache
    • Dizziness
    • Nausea
    • Loose bowels

    Causes Of Menstrual Cramps

    A question that everyone awaits is what is the actual reason behind the pain during that time of the month.

    The production of prostaglandins causes primary dysmenorrhea which is what menstrual cramps are generally categorised as. Prostaglandin is a hormone that is produced by the uterus which is the main reason to contract it. As you feel a strong contraction in your uterus, there is a momentarily shut down of the blood supply in the uterus which causes menstrual cramps and pain as the uterus muscle is deprived of oxygen during that time.

    Home-Care Treatment For Menstrual Pain

    If you suffer from mild to moderate pain during periods, you can try out these home remedies to get rid of those.

    • Diet Supplement: dietary supplements contains magnesium and omega 3-fatty acids in it, which could be very beneficial to reduce period pain.
    • Restriction from alcohol and smoking: if you indulge in the use of both or any substances you would notice a lot more pain during the menstruation cycle.
    • Relaxation: do not take any kind of physical or emotional stress, and try to rest as much as possible as it might help in reducing the pain.
    • Heat: during the periods you can use a microwaveable cosy or heating pad on your abdomen. Some have also noticed a great relief soaking in a hot bath or shower.
    • Exercise: physical yoga or any mild exercise might help you in easing the pain during periods.

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