Primary and Secondary Infertility: Meaning, Treatment & Preventive measures

Primary and Secondary Infertility: Meaning, Treatment & Preventive measures

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    Hearing Mama and Papa from the tiny tots is a dream of every individual. But how would you feel, if someone told you that you cannot conceive of you can not become parents? I know it will be a terrible time for you. But my dear, never forget that God does not send any problem without offering its solution. Forasmuch as God has sent the fertility experts of the IVF centre in Punjab, who aims at making you hear those satisfying cries. Many couples which approach us even today for maintaining friendly relations always point out the cordial and compassionate approach of our experienced gynaecologist in Punjab, who have years of experience in individualizing the effective fertility treatment plan for restoring the vitality of the reproductive organs.

    Infertility! What is it?

    Everybody knows that the meaning of infertility in simple terms is not being capable of conceiving. But we shall be taking you to the root of this description. Infertility can be of 2 types – Primary or secondary.

    • Primary Infertility

    This infertility can be defined in two cases.


    • Case 1:

    When the female is not even to get the egg converted to embryo owing to either any kind of functional or structural problem of her reproductive organs or the motility, count and disfigurement issues of the sperms.


    • Case 2:

    In this case, the women can get pregnant, but her reproductive capability is not allowing her to make the pregnancy survive till the end. In this case, the miscarriage is included and even in the worst cases, the woman delivers a dead


    It is relevant to mention here that in both cases of primary infertility, the woman has never conceived before.

    • Secondary Infertility

    When a woman has successfully conceived at least once in the past years and is not able to conceive with the successive child, then this infertility comes in the second category.

    How can the problem of infertility be treated?

    Infertility can be treated with the following:

    • If the intensity of the infertility is not that much, then it can be treated with the help of medications.
    • If there is any functional or structural issue with the reproductive organs, then the surgical procedure will be taken into account.

    Is the problem of infertility common among both genders?

    Yes, the problem of infertility is customary among both males and females. So it will be wrong to always hold women responsible in case the couple is not able to conceive.

    How can infertility be prevented?

    The problem of infertility comes up owing to the following reasons:

    • Improper diet

    It is usually seen that the women in their maiden years do not keep up with the good standards of the diet. So women should always take care of their diet from their childhood years.

    • Insignificant body movement

    If you do not exercise or Yoga on a daily basis, then your body is not moving significantly. So it would contribute to lowering the intensity of your metabolic process which contributes to giving rise to digestive issues which will be followed by reproductive issues.

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