Improve The Quality Of Eggs And Decrease The Chance Of Infertility

Improve The Quality Of Eggs And Decrease The Chance Of Infertility

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    There are so many reasons for an individual to be infertile, however, for most women, it is the quality and quantity of the eggs.  If you are suffering from infertility and wanted to find a solution to it, you may visit IVF Centre in Punjab and get yourself treated with a safe and permanent solution.

    If you are deciding to go for IVF many questions would lurk in your head, including what is the Test Tube Baby cost In Moga, which is why it would be best if you would consult an expert and learn all that you want to know.

    Low-Quality Eggs

    Let us get back to the topic of infertility caused by low-quality eggs in women. This phenomenon is a natural part when they get older. With time the eggs that the women are born with become more prone to have abnormal DNA in them, which results in an unhealthy child being conceived.

    With age, the percentage of abnormal eggs increases, also most eggs that are of poor quality do not even fertilize. Even if they did, there is a good chance for miscarriages or the child to have some sort of genetic disorder.

    How To Improve The Quality Of Eggs?

    These are some ways that could help you have better eggs for pregnancy:

    • Improve Blood-Flow: to have good health of the eggs, it is necessary to have a flow of oxygen-rich blood to the ovaries. This could happen if you consume at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Apart from that daily exercise, yoga, and massage therapy would also be beneficial, as it helps in increasing blood flow and maintaining a healthy heart which helps in circulating it everywhere in the body.
    • Eat Healthy Diet: what you consume in your daily life plays an important role in your overall health, which could also improve the qualities of your eggs. According to the experts, eating nutrients rich food that includes fish, grains, fruits, and vegetables can help you in maintaining your fertility. Apart from indulging in a good healthy diet, you should also avoid any processed food, excessive sugar or salt, and saturated foods. You must also minimize the consumption of alcohol.
    • Stop Smoking: one of the main causes of cigarettes leading to infertility or lowering fertility in the future is because it contains a chemical that mutates the DNA in the eggs which makes it incompatible with conception.
    • Maintain A Healthy Weight: maintaining your weight according to your height and age is very important, as it would maintain your overall health. Being overweight decreases the egg quality as it increases the alteration of mitochondrial functions and oxidative stress.

    For All Intents And Purposes

    Precaution is better than cure, but there are times when infertility can only be treated by an expert.

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