Questions that your Fertility Doctor can ask you During Your First Visit

Questions that your Fertility Doctor can ask you During Your First Visit

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    You have been trying to conceive for a long time but not able to get the results. This means you need to seek help from the fertility doctor. But, most of the time patients wonder what question the doctor will ask them. This guide will tell you different questions the fertility doctor asks on the first visit.


    Proper understanding of the male and female reproductive system is important as it is complex. When a couple is not able to conceive for a long time they need to consult the fertility doctor to have a proper understanding of what they can do to improve the success chances.

    Thankfully, to medical science at the best IVF centre, you can get all the latest and modern & latest treatment options to improve the conception chances. Most of the patients wonder what the IVF doctor is going to ask them in the consultation. Do not worry, we are going to discuss the different questions you fertility doctor ask on the first visit:


    • Discussion about the Menstrual cycle


    The fertility doctor is going to ask questions about your menstrual cycle. Like how long it last, when did you have your periods, and Is the flow of blood heavy? Asking these questions will help your doctor to understand how your body works and is there any issue with your menstrual cycle or not.

    Additionally, the doctor will ask you about certain symptoms like excessive pelvic pain which can create more problems in conception.


    • History of contraceptive, reproductive and gynecology 


    Your fertility doctor is going to ask you about contraceptive history. This means when did stop taking them before you started conceiving. Additionally, have you faced any type of gynecological or reproductive issue in the past. This way, the doctor will get to know what kind of issue you have and this way the treatment plan will be customized which will improve the conception chances.


    • Questions about sexual history


    Some couples are hesitant about giving answers to these questions but you need to understand your sexual history is going to tell a lot about your reproductive health.


    • Understanding male fertility


    Not only are women diagnosed but the male partner’s fertility is also checked. It is very important for the couple who is trying to conceive to have proper sperm count to achieve successful conception.

    If the men have a history of prostate or genital infection then it can affect the reproductive organ.


    • Questions about your lifestyle


    The fertility doctor is going to ask you about your lifestyle which includes your diet, exercise regime, or whether you drink or smoke.

    Understanding the fertility issue

    When the doctor diagnoses your condition and gets proper detail about your history, she can give you the best treatment plan. For more information, you can book your consultation and clear all your doubts right away.

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