Reason of Declining Fertility Problem

Reason of Declining Fertility Problem

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    Many women and men across the world are facing the problem of infertility. It has a lot to do with the change in lifestyle, stressful work conditions and the adulteration in our food. In this post, we aim to highlight the reasons for declining fertility.

    Age factor 

    Women in the age group of 20-29 are at their fertile best. Post 30, fertility starts decreasing. It starts decreasing more rapidly after the age of 35. However, after 35, the ability to carry a baby full term decreases. There are increased chances of failing to conceive or having a miscarriage. Only 40 % of women above the age of 40 can get pregnant successfully. IVF treatment is suggested for such women. Gomti Thapar IVF centre provides IVF facility for such patients. According to IVF doctor, the women should think of having a family before they hit 40. Men remain fertile for a longer period as compared to women. They remain fertile up to 50 or 60 years of age. However, their sperm related disorders increase with age. If ART is used, the health of men will affect the health of the infant.

    What is the reason for decline in infertility?

    Blockage of the tubes-The major cause of infertility in women is the blockage of tubes due to some infection. This leads to difficulty in the process of ovulation.

    Ovarian reserve status -The ovarian reserve of a woman decreases and deteriorates as she ages. With these limitations, it becomes difficult to conceive and deliver a healthy baby.

    Premature menopause-If the woman reaches menopause prematurely, it puts an end to her ovulation process, resulting in zero chances of conception.

    Irregular menstruation –As menopause approaches, the periods tend to have an irregular pattern, this means that the ovulation also becomes irregular. with such a pattern, it becomes impossible to conceive.

    Untreated infection –If the woman suffers from an untreated infection like Chlamydia, it may lead to a pelvic inflammatory disease which reduces the chances of pregnancy.

    Endometriosis-If the woman has had endometriosis, it can lead to an ectopic pregnancy which can further damage the Fallopian tube.

    Fibroids-The formation of fibroids also causes infertility in women.

    Obesity– Obesity can be another deterrent in conceiving as it can be accompanied by PCOS which will again be detrimental to your fertility.

    What are the best tips to conceive?

    You just can’t control the time ticking away. It’s best to listen to your biological clock and act according to it. You must plan a family at the most suitable age. Except for the age, nearly all other factors can be either treated or dealt with.

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