Risk Factors of Bladder Cancer

Risk Factors of Bladder Cancer

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    You must be well aware that there are risk factors associated with many diseases. A risk factor of cancer means anything that increases a person’s chance of developing the terminal disease. If you suspect that you might be having bladder cancer, then you must visit the nearest urology center. The urologist will give you the correct diagnosis.

    The following factors are considered as the risk factors for bladder cancer:

    Tobacco use-It is considered as the most common risk factor. Tobacco usage in the form of cigarette smoking tops the list of most dangerous factors .However, smoking cigars and pipes can also have the same effect. As compared to nonsmokers, smokers have   4 to 7 times higher chances of developing bladder cancer.

    Age- As you age, the chances of getting bladder cancer also increase. People older  than 65 are more likely to have bladder cancer.

    Gender– Men are more prone to develop bladder cancer than women, with them getting the disease 4 times. However, women have higher chances of dying from the disease than men.

    Race– White people are more prone to be affected by bladder cancer than black people. However, black people have double the chances of dying from it.

    Chemicals– bladder cancer may occur due to exposure to certain types of chemicals .The chemicals used in various industries like the , dye ,rubber, textile, leather,  paint, and print industries. Aromatic amines and some naturally occurring chemicals are known to increase the risk of bladder cancer.

    Pioglitazone (Actos) use-According to FDA, people who have taken pioglitazone (a drug for diabetes) for more than 1 year also stand to have a high risk of developing bladder cancer.

    Personal history– People who have had bladder cancer in the past are more likely to see a relapse.

    Schistosomiasis– Schistosomiasis is a parasitic disease that is found in certain parts of the world like Africa, Southeast Asia, , South America and the Middle East.

    People with this condition have high chances of developing squamous cell bladder cancer.

    Exposure to Arsenic– Arsenic is a substance that occurs naturally. However, this substance can cause grave health issues if humans are exposed to it in large amounts .It can be found in drinking water in some places. However, you are safe if your area doesn’t have arsenic. The presence of arsenic in the water depends on the area and the standard of your water delivery system.

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