Role of ICSI in IVF treatment?

Role of ICSI in IVF treatment?

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    Infertility problem is very common and in that case, IVF is the ideal choice as it has helped many couples to conceive. But what if the infertility issue is with men, what can be done? In that case, ICSI is used along with IVF treatment. Read the given topic to understand this process.

    Undergoing the IVF treatment or planning to get it for infertility problem. During diagnose you get to know that your partner is facing the problem also which means they also need to get the treatment. In that case, the ICSI treatment is recommended by the IVF doctor.

    With the advent of technology, it has made it possible for both males and females.

    Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is used with IVF. But how? Let’s know.

    How ICSI/IVF is helpful?

    ICSI is an advanced technique to deal with male infertility problems. In this case, the best sperm is selected and then pushed into the egg with the method of micropipette fertilization. Back in the 1990s, this technique was first used and since then this treatment is used by the top IVF centre.

    Understanding the procedure

    • This treatment is used in coordination with the IVF and to treat the infertility problem. The male infertility problems are low sperm count, sperm motility is poor, erectile dysfunction, or some kind of health-related issue which can affect fertility. By choosing this technique the success rate of the treatment gets higher or you can say the chances of conception are increased.
    • During the treatment, the embryologist is going to inject the sperm into the egg. This helps the fertilization process to occur and this increases the pregnancy chances.
    • The female partner is given fertility medications which help in increasing the egg quantity. After that, the eggs will be retrieved and then injected with sperm which results in fertilization. But, if the sperm is not able to be extracted then the fertility doctor will do it with TESA. Once the sperm are extracted they will be tested in the laboratory to check which one can be used in the ICSI.
    • The whole process is going to take one day and the ICSI procedure is performed by the embryologist. The embryo will be transferred which is the result of the fertilization process of egg and sperm. After 2 weeks, the doctor will do a blood test to check the results.

    Is the ICSI procedure safe?

    There is nothing you need to worry about as ICSI/IVF procedure is safe. However, there are potential complications that are with every treatment and this your doctor will let you know before the treatment.

    Looking to get the treatment then make sure to take the help of the best fertility doctor who is experienced and skilled.

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