Second Hand Smoking and Infertility Problem

Second Hand Smoking and Infertility Problem

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    If you are planning to quit smoking and thinking about how it would help then keep in mind that it will improve the chances of getting pregnant. Various research has shown that women exposed to the use of second-hand smoke will face fertility issues. In this topic, we have mentioned this in detail.

    From the last many years, smoking and infertility have been in a lot of research and it is known that smoking leaves a negative impact on the fertility of women. There is one study that has shown that there is a link between secondhand smoking and infertility. The data is important because many people think that only active smokers are at risk.

    What does the study show?

    • Around 88,732 women who were active smokers were 14% more chances of facing the problem of conceiving. In the same way, the fertility problem was diagnosed in women who do second-hand smoking and they are known as passive smoking. In this case, the chances are 18% that they are not able to conceive.
    • This is the first time the study was done on this topic to know the link between second-hand smoking and women’s health issues. Basically, it means whether women are active or passive smokers their health needs to be protected.

    In case you are undergoing the IVF treatment then also your IVF doctor will tell you to quit smoking as it affects the fertility negatively.

    Link between smoking and Infertility

    Smoking is one of the top reasons 100% proven then it impacts fertility negatively. Not just for women but for men also reduces the chances to conceive.

    The ability to get pregnant is directly linked with the number of cigarettes smoked. The more you smoke means more chemicals will start entering your body and this harm the eggs and estrogen level is reduced in the body. Some of the given effects can get triggered by smoking:

    • The body does not respond to the ovarian stimulation medication
    • The number of eggs reduces for the retrieval process
    • Reduces chances of getting a successful cycle

    In case the male partner smokes then the fertility will be determined by the following factors:

    • Sperm count
    • Sperm shape (Morphology)
    • Movement (Motility)

    If you are facing a problem then you should consult the best fertility doctor at IVF centre. They will determine the exact reason behind your condition by examining your health and proper evaluation.

    Secondhand smoking and Age of menopause

    Studies have also shown a relationship between smoking and early menopause. On average, when the women who do second-hand smoking will have menopause 13 months before as compared to women who don’t.

    Make sure you keep your health as your priority. Talk to the fertility doctor if you are facing trouble conceiving.

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