Secret And Embarrassing Things You Must Tell Your Gynae

Secret And Embarrassing Things You Must Tell Your Gynae

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    It’s natural to feel inhibited sharing your intimate secrets. However, a doctor is not the right person to keep secrets from. It may lead to an undiagnosed condition that needs instant attention. You must not refrain from telling your past and present secrets, even if revealing them is embarrassing. If you have any gynecological problem, you must visit the doctor at once. It is not difficult to find gynecologists as they are available across the state. If you are in Moga then gynae Moga will come to your rescue. Finding a gyane in Punjab is not at all difficult, with the availability of all the information online. In this post, we aim to throw light on some common issues which women refrain from sharing with their doctor but should not do so.gynae

    Your Intercourse is Painful

    If your sexual interaction is a painful episode, it should be reported to the doctor. It may indicate an underlying problem like endometriosis, PID, pelvic adhesions or fibroids. Sometimes the pain is due to vaginal dryness. Pain during sex can also cause infertility.

    Excessive Facial or Body Hair 

    The presence of abnormal and excessive hair on the face or body is a clear indication of hormonal imbalance. It could also be an indication of PCOS, ovarian tumor or Cushing’s syndrome.

    Pain during Bowel Movements

    Bowel movements should not be painful. If you experience pain during bowel movements, then it is something to be taken seriously and discussed with the Gynae. As with other indications, this could also be a symptom of something gravely wrong in the internal organs. It could well mean Endometriosis or IBS.

    Vaginal Dryness during Sex

    Upon getting sexually aroused, the woman experiences wetting in the vagina due to the secretion of fluid. Some women might not get wet during sex due to some health issues. Vaginal dryness during sex is commonly experienced by many women. Not getting wet during the intimate moments might be due to hormonal imbalance, vaginal infection or due to some medication.

    Past Sexually Transmitted Infection

    It is very difficult for a woman to accept the fact that she had a past sexual infection. However it is important to tell your doctor about it as it may affect the chances of your getting pregnant. STDS are known to cause scarring in the reproductive organs which can’t be healed by the antibiotics.

    Unusual Vaginal Odor

    If you experience pungent smell from the vaginal area, it could mean the presence of an infection. It could be caused due to bacterial vaginosis which may further increase the chances of contracting an STD and preterm birth. If you leave it untreated for a long time, it could lead to PID, which is another cause of infertility.

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