SEX AFTER MENOPAUSE – Can it be pleasurable? How to make it so?

SEX AFTER MENOPAUSE – Can it be pleasurable? How to make it so?

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    As the women advance towards the maternal age, their sex drive starts getting reduced. It usually becomes nil when a woman has encountered menopause. But the ale partners still feel active with their sexual desires. In that case, the sex life of a couple tends to get hugely affected.

    In today’s blog, we shall discuss everything which you should know about sex after menopause.

    Why do women not like to have after menopause?

    The women usually do not like to have sex after menopause because a lot of the changes take place in her body which do not let her feel sexual activity. So following are some of the changes-cum-reason which can affect the sexual drive.

    • Hormonal changes

    As we all know libido is accountable for making women sexually aroused. With the hormonal changes owing to menopause, the libido gets lowered and harder and it becomes difficult for a male to make the women feel sexually active.

    A little advice

    The sex can be pleasurable for women even after menopause if the male partner extends the time for the foreplay. Do something which your wife likes the most about foreplay repetitively.

    • Vaginal dryness

    When the hormonal changes take place in a woman’s body, then the blood flow is supposed to get affected accordingly. Because of the lower supply of blood, the tissues of the vagina may get thin and dry. And owing to the dryness none of the partners can enjoy the sex.

    • Bladder Control Problems

    Have you ever noticed that older women encounter the problems of urinary incontinence and many others like this? This happens because, with age, the muscles of the pelvic floor get weakened and the individual loses control over their relaxation and contraction aspects.

    • Depression and stress

    The older ladies cannot enjoy the sex and even make their partners happy if they are under any kind of stress. The incidence of depression is although less common among the older women, but still, if it comes out, then she may never experience the pleasure from sex.

    • Hot flashes

    These can be annoying for your partner as they are defined as mood killers. So you can better understand it with the help of the following example:

    Your partner has somehow made you sexually aroused with the intimate talks and the extended foreplay. But after some time, you may suddenly feel like not doing it. Then it could cause a considerably bad effect on your sex life.

    • Other health issues

    With age, some health issues are common to be experienced. So if you are suffering from some major health issue like diabetes, cancer or any cardiovascular disease, then you cannot become sexually aroused in any way. Sexual arousal leads to the fastening of the heartbeat which is not good for someone who is a heart patient or so.

    Can the sex life be worked on even after menopause?

    Yea, surely. You can work on your sex life with the help of the following:

    • Hormonal help

    The hormonal therapy has evidence of affecting libido. Besides, other symptoms are also remediable with hormonal therapies. You can also get rid of the hot flashes.

    Vaginal lubricating techniques

    The following can be used to treat vaginal dryness:

    • Topic hormonal treatments
    • Use of the prescribed creams and the lubricants

    What to do for ‘NO PAIN’ during and after the sex?

    To get rid of the sexual pain, you should consult a doctor who will guide you with the best treatment option. Only a qualified doctor can help you in this regard since they have the required skills to reach the root cause of the problem and get it treated accordingly.

    • If the vaginal dryness is something that is bothering you, then creams and lubricant will be suggested.
    • If no problem is found, then it may be because of the less time used to do the foreplay. So the doctor will suggest you extend the period for the foreplay.

    Bottom Line

    Apart from the above mentioned medical treatment options, you should focus on getting fit for your sexual life by switching to nutritious dietary habits and doing regular exercise to increase your libido & obtain control over the pelvic muscles.

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