Sex for Pregnancy: What things you need to keep in mind while trying to get pregnant?

Sex for Pregnancy: What things you need to keep in mind while trying to get pregnant?

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    However, certain improvements in your lovemaking time and pace can improve your chances of success. You can also get information from the specialist of the IVF center in Punjab.

    When do you have sex?

    The safest moment to get pregnant in your menstrual cycle is at the most active stage. Five days before ovulation and the day of ovulation are counted in the ‘fertile period.’

    On the two ovulation days and the day after ovulation, you are more likely to find a reliable source after conception. The fact that you have sex in those days will give you the best chance of conception.

    Your ovary can produce a fertile egg during ovulation. This egg continues down to the uterus on the Fallopian tube. Along the route, semen enters and fertilizes the egg. For five days, sperm can live. Therefore, you like to reside sperm in your fallopian tubes as you ovulate as you want to conceive.

    How do you ovulate? How do you feel?

    You should count the period days one way. Keep a menstrual cycle calendar or follow up with an application. Each cycle begins on your first day and ends on the day before your next cycle begins. Search for the cycle’s midpoint. You should usually ovulate on day 14 while you have a 28-day period.

    Did you know that?

    At the start of their process, not all women ovulate. Talk to your doctor about using a different method of ovulation confirming that you are having difficulty getting pregnant and suspect your ovulation may be earlier or later than the midpoint.

    Signs like these, suggesting ovulation may also be sought:

    Modification of vaginal discharge-: Your mucus will become clear and thick when you ovulate about the consistency of an egg white.

    Rise in the basal body temperature (BBT).

    The remainder of the body will gradually rise when you ovulate. Before you get up in the morning, you can measure BBT with a thermometer’s basal body temperature.

    Note: You should only be told that you have ovulated and can not predict ovulation. Nonetheless, you will see in hindsight which cycle day you usually ovulate if you observe the temperature for a few periods.

    What are the right positions?

    Hundreds of millions of sperm in each male orgasm may contribute to pregnancy if either sex becomes exposed during ovulation. You will conceive as soon as semen reaches the womb.

    There have not been indications that any roles during puberty raise the likelihood of pregnancy. Nonetheless, some places can be safer than others to make sure that the little swimmers hit the seed. The missionaries such as men on top and doggies (the man behind) make a deeper penetration, taking sperm closer to the cervix.

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