Sexual Health Tips By A Leading Urologist in Moga – Dr Ashish Koura

Sexual Health Tips By A Leading Urologist in Moga – Dr Ashish Koura

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    While men may seem to be ultra confident, they fail the test when it comes to discussing their sexual problems. One should be as conscious and open about this aspect of the body.  One should be never too late to discuss these problems. According to Dr Ashish Koura – Urologist, the following problems are quite common in men –

    1. Erectile Problems

    This problem is more common than you think. Nearly 50 percent of men suffer from this performance problem. It shows up more in men over 40. The reasons are not always physical and one should not delay in seeking help for this condition.

    1. Low Sex Drive

    If you have a low sex drive, you can’t just blame your testosterone level for it. The reasons could be either biological or psychological as your sex drive depends on both these factors. Depression or issues with the relationship could be the underlying reasons.

    1. Premature ejaculation

    The cyber buffs have come up with an app to deal with this common problem many men face. It acts like a sex therapist and teaches behavioral techniques which can help in this condition. Kegel exercises also provide some relief in this condition.

    1. Kegels Exercise can change the scene

    Everyone knows that Kegel exercises are good for women but they are as good for men too. Perform this exercise by trying to stop the urine flow when you urinate. This will lead to the development of strong pubococcygeus (PC) muscles which will help in improving problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. They also lead to stronger orgasms!

    1. Don’t think a lump is  Testicular Cancer

    One must be careful about the unusual lumps, pain or swelling in the testicular area, but that doesn’t mean that a lump indicates cancer. Testicular cancer is quite rare and comprises only 1 percent of all the male cancer cases. Still, be sure about it and get yourself checked from a doctor.

    1. Don’t get erection conscious

    Sometimes it is normal not being able to sustain an erection. If you are going to keep a watch on it throughout the act, chances are that you will not be able to achieve what you are aiming at. Just relax and don’t get pissed over it otherwise it might lead to anxiety. According to a urologist in moga, it is futile to focus on it.

    1. Size issues

    If you think that the size of your penis is going to determine your performance and drive, think again. It is not unusual to get caught up in the numbers game but your fears are completely unfounded. The size, girth, and width are not responsible for sexual ability and drive of a person.

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