Should I go for the second cycle of IVF after the failure of the first cycle?

Should I go for the second cycle of IVF after the failure of the first cycle?

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    We all know how stressful the situation is when you have either faced a couple of miscarriages or have gone through the failed IVF Cycles. According to the gynaecologists in Punjab, no doubt, the trauma of the miscarriage and a failed IVF cycle is giant and unpleasing. But the couple has to somehow sow the seed of hope by counting on the second IVF cycle which usually turns out to be successful. According to the fertility experts of the IVF centre in Punjab, “Sometimes owing to any condition, the first IVF cycle can not be successful. But it does not imply in any sense that the second phase will also be unsuccessful.”

    Today we are going to share the story of one of the couples who approach us for taking up the IVF treatment. The name of the female was Ms Swati Anand (35 years) and that of the male is Bhushan Anand (37 years).

    First cycle

    • First meeting

    In the first meeting with our gynaecologist, they revealed that they have been trying for 2 years to conserve naturally but have not succeeded in that motive yet. We asked them about their medical history. We found that both of them were completely fine and did not have any issue with their health.

    • Diagnosis

    We carried out several Infertility tests on them. We found nothing serious about their reproductive system, but yes there was a little problem with the sperms that quality sperms were not being produced by the male participant. After considering all the aspects to reach the cause, we also found out that the couple was no doubt trying to conceive. Built each time they tried, they did it at the wrong time. As we know, intercourse is to be done one week before the ovulation days, if one wants to conceive.

    • Implantation

    We carried out the IVF Procedure. When the embryo was implanted in the womb, the woman was glad. But within one week, she suffered from a miscarriage. It was because she did not follow the instructions and drank 4 glasses of wine at a party. The following day she suffered from extreme pelvic pain and when she was taken to the doctor, they told the husband about miscarriage.

    Anyhow, they approached us again. The female was very sorry for her negligence and was willing to undergo the second cycle. We suggested they take up the second cycle of IVF after 2 months.

    The second cycle of IVF

    We performed the IVF procedure for the second time and again it was successful. But now the survival of the pregnancy depends upon the woman. She followed the precautions and after exactly 9 months, she gave birth to a healthy baby.

    Take Away

    Since the performance of the first IVF procedure, this number is continuously getting incremented because of the success that IVF has attained considerably in all these years. The success rate has become a predominant point for couples in determining whether they should be taking up the procedure or not.

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