Smoking and Female Infertility

Smoking and Female Infertility

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    Infertility is not only caused due to hormonal problems but also caused because of over-consumption of drugs or smoking as well. If you are a regular smoker then you need to quit is as soon as possible because it leads you to several health conditions. You must visit the IVF doctor to get a proper check-up for your condition. Or you must read this article carefully to get the knowledge about infertility condition.

    Well, this is true that smoking leads you to severe health conditions. Those conditions are further associated with infertility, this infertility is explained as an inability to conceive naturally. Thousands of ladies are suffering from infertility problems these days, but they don’t know what is the exact reason behind infertility.

    In order to know the effect of smoking on your fertility, you must visit the IVF centre. Only our IVF doctor will tell you how tobacco smoking impact on your fertility.

    Smoking leads you to many health conditions, such as-:

    • An increased risk for many cancers
    • heart disease
    • emphysema
    • Infertility.

    You may not know that cigars contain too many toxins, which not only affects your lungs but also other body parts including the Reproductive system. So, that’s why we suggest you quit smoking before planning to conceive a baby. Or if you are unable to quit smoking, then you must ask your specialist about the amount of smoking.

    How much do I need to smoke?

    If you are a regular smoker or smoke almost 10 or more than 10 cigars, you need to quit it as soon as possible. Since this will definitely harm you and your reproductive organs as well. You may not know even one cigar a day also leads you to several problems such as fertility issues. If you do not quit smoking, you will surely take more time to conceive a baby as compared to non-smokers. In addition to this, if you don’t quit smoking during the pregnancy period, it will cause several problems. These are-:

    • Heart and cardiovascular defects
    • Gastrointestinal defects
    • Limb defects
    • Missing fingers or toes
    • Hernia
    • Cleft lip or palate
    • Facial and eye deformations
    • Anal defects
    • Clubfoot
    • Skull malformations
    • Undescended testes

    Relationship between smoking and infertility

    As we stated above smoking is related to several problems in which infertility is on the peak. The problems include-:

    • Blockage of fallopian tubes, which prevents egg and sperm from meeting.
    • Cervical changes, specifically an increased risk of cervical cancer
    • An increased risk of ectopic pregnancy.
    • Changes in the uterine lining.
    • Damage to the eggs as they develop in the ovaries
    • Damage to the developing fetus
    • Increased risk of miscarriage due to damaged eggs

    So, you must quit smoking as soon as possible in order to reduce the risk of these problems.

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