Some questions about PCOS and Pregnancy

Some questions about PCOS and Pregnancy

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    PCOS is a hormonal disorder in ladies, die to which they are suffering from irregular periods and weight loss or gain problem. In this condition, they have to talk to a specialist, so that they can get the right treatment on time. If you are planning to have a baby, they must talk to a doctor as soon as possible.

    What is PCOS?

    PCOS is explained as Polycystic ovary syndrome, this is a hormonal disorder that is experienced by ladies. This condition usually results in irregular or missing periods or menstrual cycle. Both conditions are responsible for fertility issues in ladies. You may be unable to conceive a baby naturally in PCOS condition, this condition is additionally known as infertility. In addition to this, the PCOS condition also results in excess male hormone levels such as androgen.

    Not only, these signs are experienced by women in the condition of PCOS, they also suffer from weight loss and type 2 diabetes as well. So, you have to visit the gynae doctor to reduce the risk of fertility issues and these conditions as well. She will surely recommend you to undergo the suitable PCOS treatment so that you can get rid of this PCOS or missing period condition.

    During your consultation, you must ask several questions to your specialist about the PCOS condition, so that you can clear doubts. These are-:

    What are the ways to diagnose the PCOS condition?

    Well, the main and most well-known way to diagnose the PCOS condition is an Ultrasound. Apart from this, your specialist will also diagnose your condition in three ways, or she looks for 3 things such as-:

    • Symptoms of excess androgen, that is basically a male hormone
    • Irregular release of eggs
    • More than 12 cysts or fluid-filled sacs.

    Is PCOS affect fertility?

    Yes, PCOS results in an irregular release of eggs, which is a sign of pregnancy problems in women. There are three things that matter a lot in pregnancy. These are-:

    • The release of an egg on time or every month.
    • At least one open tube
    • Sperm to fertilize the egg.

    Is there any treatment option available to improve the chances of conception?

    Yes, this PCOS condition results in obesity or weight loss. So, you have to focus on maintaining a healthy weight according to your Body Mass Index. You can discuss this with your specialist, she will tell how much weight is ideal for you to conceive a baby. Along with this, you have to focus on your diet, so that you can maintain a healthy weight.

    So, yes, there is a great relation between PCOS and pregnancy. If you are planning to conceive a baby, then you have to talk to your specialist and get all the necessary tests of the PCOS condition.

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