Some Success Rate Improving Factors of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Some Success Rate Improving Factors of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

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    IUI is the fertility treatment that has helped many to get pregnant. During the treatment, male sperm is placed into the woman’s uterus which results in fertilization. The procedure is simple and effective. Read the given guide, to understand the factors which improve the IUI success rate.

    IUI is one of the simple and effective fertility treatments. During the procedure, male sperm is placed directly into the woman’s uterus for fertilization. Intrauterine insemination is also called artificial insemination. The fertilization process is faster because it cut down the distance sperm has to travel. Well, different factors can affect the success rate. The success rate of the procedure will vary with every cycle and it increases by 20%.

    The success rate of IUI

    In most cases, the women in the first try will have a success rate of 10 to 20 percent. This means more the cycle is performed it helps to increase the conception chances. The fertilization can vary with each cycle which gives hope to the couple.

    Generally, one couple is recommended for 3 intrauterine insemination cycles. In some cases, the cases can be increased to six. This will depend on the patient’s condition and the success rate which is increasing.

    Success rate by age

    Most importantly, a patient’s age needs to be kept in mind because the success rate decreases after 40. Additionally, the success rate also slows down after 3 cycles. When you visit the IUI centre, the doctor will keep this in mind to help you conceive.

    Injectable success rate

    The couple who are trying to conceive for 12 to 18 months will be given medications. The medication process includes injectable medications. This includes the combination of FSH or with a combination of LH. These medications help to produce multiple follicles that improve conception chances.

    What about the success rate with PCOS?

    Many women are suffering from the issue of PCOS which happens due to hormonal imbalance which occurs on the body. The woman is considered a suitable candidate for the treatment. For PCOS patients, the patients are given gonadotropins which have a success rate of around 14 to 26 percent per cycle.

    Who is a suitable candidate for the treatment?

    The success rate of the treatment varies from person to person. The patient undergoing the treatment needs to be a suitable candidate for the treatment. With every cycle, the success rate increases. The ideal candidate for the treatment includes:

    • Female partner with cervical mucus issue
    • Candidate with mild to moderate male infertility
    • PCOS patients
    • A person with irregular or absent ovulation
    • Unexplained infertility

    Consult the fertility expert at the right time and the doctor will let you know which treatment plan suits you the best according to your condition.

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