Some Surprising Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Some Surprising Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

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    Erectile dysfunction may be associated with depression and psychological problems but it is not true in all cases. Its roots may lie in some other reasons on a physical level. The condition may be a result of some medical condition or faulty lifestyle habits. If you are one of the many males who face this problem, you should consult a urologist. He is the ideal person for consulting if you face this condition. Urologists and sexologists are the two main people who can help you with male sexual problems treatment. We will summarize the conditions which could be leading to the nightmare of your sexual life-


    1. High cholesterol/high blood Pressure – If you are suffering from high blood pressure or have high cholesterol deposits in your heart, it will cast an influence on your sexual health as well. These conditions lead to restricted blood flow throughout the body, including the penis. So it’s one more reason to get up early and exercise. Indulging in a balanced diet is one more aspect of your life you should be careful about.
    2. Diabetes –This lifestyle disease is almost all over India. But it can adversely influence our sexual ability. The diabetic male has a lot of trouble maintaining an erection, mannerism of ejaculation, the quality of sperm he produces and the amount of testosterone he has in his body.
    3. Medication –   Erectile dysfunction may be caused by taking some medications. Some medicines have side effects which influence your sexual abilities and libido. Talk to the doctor if you experience something like this. He will definitely suggest an alternative which will not affect your sex life.
    4. Cycling – It is pretty good exercise but excessive cycling may end up damaging the nerves which lead to your penis, causing erectile dysfunction. If you are worried about the time you should be spending on cycling, then you can consult your urologist.
    5. Peyronie’s disease – It is a disease in which a hard, lumpy plaque formation occurs on the penis, resulting in an abnormal curvature. This makes both the erection and the intercourse painful. There are a lot of cases with a lot of variation. The cases vary in severity. Some cases develop over time while some develop almost overnight. Don’t worry, the condition is absolutely treatable, just plan a visit to the doctor and you will be fine within a few days.

    Erectile dysfunction is a common condition faced by many men. So set your embarrassment aside and consult a physician today. You don’t want the matter to get out of your hand, do you?

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