Step-By-Step Procedure Of Test Tube Baby Treatment For Infertile Couples

Step-By-Step Procedure Of Test Tube Baby Treatment For Infertile Couples

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    What Is A Test Tube Baby?

    Test tube baby loosely translates to conceiving a child outside a woman’s body. To be more precise, the complete definition of test tube baby treatment is that the doctor helps the couple to conceive a child in the laboratory with the help of a scientific process such as IVF (in vitro fertilization).

    Step-By-Step Process Of Test Tube Baby

    From the beginning of this process to date, the doctors and the experts in the best IVF Centre in Punjab have introduced numerous advancements in the IVF system. However, the core procedure of the process remains the same.

    Step #1: hormone therapy stimulating egg production

    Before the doctor retrieves the eggs from the woman, the gynecologist in Srinagar prescribes injectable hormones of gonadotropins and GnRH. This helps the body to promote the synchronous follicle growth and maturation inside her ovaries. The doctor can achieve the final maturation of the egg with the help of an HCG injection 36 prior to the egg collection.

    Step #2: Retrieval of the egg from the ovaries

    The doctors gave the woman mild anesthesia or sedation so that she would not be able to experience any kind of pain or discomfort during the process of egg retrieval. The fertility specialist harvested the eggs from the woman’s ovaries. After that, they promptly bring the samples to the laboratory for further procedure.

     Step #3: Sperm sample provided

    On the same day the doctor retrieves the egg from the woman’s body, the man is also required to produce a fresh sample of semen for fertilization.

    Step #4: Combining eggs and sperms together for fertilization

    The fertility specialist mixes the sperm and the egg together in the petri dish and later places them for a few days in the incubator. At this period of time, the doctor monitors the sperm and egg for any sign of fertilization and also monitors the embryo’s growth.

    Step #5: Introducing the fertilization egg into the ovaries

    On the day of embryo transfer, the doctors transfer at least two or three embryos into the woman’s uterus with the assistance of a fine catheter. In order to support and strengthen the uterine lining while also improving the possibility of implantation, the doctor advised the patient to administer the HCG and progesterone levels daily.

    Is IVF Painful?

    One of the most common questions that people often ask is:

    Is the procedure of IVF painful?

    And if yes, how painful is it?

    In most cases, the women experience minimal discomfort and pain with the hormone injection. They also describe them as similar to the pain of an insulin shot for diabetes. On the other hand, other women claim they are more painful, just like the injection of progesterone. The reason behind this notion is that it is oil-based and requires a needle with a larger bore.

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