Study Suggests Cut Down On Sugary Drinks if you are trying to get Pregnant

Study Suggests Cut Down On Sugary Drinks if you are trying to get Pregnant

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    We have already told you about quite a few things that might be affecting your fertility. If you find yourself dealing with infertility and doing numerous rounds of the IVF doctor, then there are something which you should do about your lifestyle as well. Sugar is the culprit behind many lifestyle diseases but we bet you didn’t know that it affects the fertility of men and women too. According to the IVF centre, you should steer clear of sugar if you are trying to have a baby.

    Sugar-sweetened beverages are known to decrease your chances of becoming parents. That’s not all — the study found that the same applies to men drinking sugary beverages, meaning sweet drinks can affect their fertility, too. And it is not restricted to cokes and colas. Well, let’s get the facts right –

    The researchers have found out that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages led to a 20 percent reduced fecundability or likelihood of conceiving in one month in both the genders. Women who consumed   soda on a daily basis had 25 per cent lower chances of conceiving. Men who drank at least one soda a day showed 33 per cent lower fecundability.

    Consuming energy drinks also led to a higher decrease of infertility.

    Lower Sugar Intake If You Want to Conceive 

    The results of the research show that high sugar intake might interfere with your chances of having a baby. However, the doctors still can’t pinpoint what exactly causes the harm. Sugar is known to lower the quality of the sperm. It was also found that the high sugar drinks resulted in decreased motility and poor morphology of sperm in men. Women who are trying to conceive should also take care of their diet. They should have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and avoid high sugar drinks and dishes. With the advent of sugary beverages, the fertility of the world has gone down.

    Too much sugar has a detrimental effect on general health. It is known to trigger weight gain, early menstruation, type 2 diabetes, and poor semen quality. Couples who intend to have a pregnancy should limit their consumption of sugary beverages to increase their chances of conception and minimizing the  adverse health effects that come with high sugar levels.”

    Drink Less Sugar

    So now you have to say no to alcohol and no soft drinks too, then what is left? Water is the best drink you can have. However, unsweetened fruit juice with berries and fruit teas with a little honey will give you some respite from boredom( and take care of the sugar content ).

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