Just a 4-minute guide to know about the symptoms of kidney stone

Just a 4-minute guide to know about the symptoms of kidney stone

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    Do you suspect you have kidney stones?

    Well, it’s important that even in general you are mindful and well-aware about how the situation can occur in the first place. Here I am focusing on the initial symptoms or how they can feel initially when the problem starts. It’s possible that you can get worried hearing that someone has so much pain that it’s difficult for them to do anything. If you suspect you have this issue, then make sure to visit one of the best Kidney Hospital in Punjab at the earliest to get the situation managed in the right manner and know about which treatment will work effectively for you.

    Kidney Stone – Most common symptom

    One of the most talked-about symptoms is pain. Although, it’s not the only symptom that you should be aware of. Kidney stone treatment is possible and if you suspect that you have this condition then it’s worth consulting the doctor at the earliest for better managing the entire process. If your condition is worse then you will be suggested to get Kidney Stone Surgery in Punjab so that your quality of life is not affected in any sense.

    What are the most common symptoms of kidney stones?

    Kidney stone is the hard mass made from different minerals which include salts and byproducts. The substance can get collected in the kidney where urine is produced. Usually, the symptoms are noticed when the kidney stone shifts from the kidney to the ureter. Some of the most common kidney stone symptoms are:

    • Urinating frequently
    • Smelly or cloudy urine
    • The lower abdomen has sharp pain, typically on one side
    • A burning sensation or pain while urinating
    • Feeling like you’re urinating incompletely or in small amounts
    • Urine is brown, red, or pink, It’s the sign that it has blood in it.
    • Feeling nauseous due to the intensity of the pain
    • Signs of infection, including fever, chills, and vomiting

    Where is the kidney stone located?

    The kidney stone leads to a sharp pain which gets worse as the stone makes its way to the urinary tract. The pain is likely to be felt in the areas like:

    The sharp pain associated with a kidney stone moves as the stone progresses through your urinary tract. The most common places to feel pain are in your:

    • Lower abdomen or groin
    • Along one side of your body, below your ribs
    • Lower back

    The pain usually occurs once kidney stones are formed in the urinary tract. Although kidney stone pain is noticed slightly different in men and women. If there’s any point where you notice pain then it’s worth consulting the doctor.

    Do the kidney stone symptoms come and go?

    The total time for which a kidney stone can be there depends on what the symptoms are and they may come and go. Once the kidney stone starts, it takes around 4 weeks for the stone to pass from its place. Moreover, the kidney stone blocks the kidney flow and over time there is pressure buildup & swelling.

    How long do the kidney stone symptoms last?

    The extent of the symptoms can be for a week or month & sometimes it can even surpass that. Even if you think the kidney stone has surpassed you have to consult the medical expert at the earliest.



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