Symptoms That Don’t Mean Pregnancy Loss

Symptoms That Don’t Mean Pregnancy Loss

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    You might be anxious in the early stages of pregnancy, specifically if you have gone through a miscarriage. However, you might be reading too much between the lines and misinterpreting trivial signs as pregnancy loss. Some of the factors might be cause for concern while some others may be just normal. So we will discuss the matters which can make or mar the difference between ‘no problem ‘ and ‘serious problem’.

    HCG levels of the woman

    These levels are checked during early pregnancy. The levels rise rapidly during pregnancy and usually double or triple every 2-3 days. However, if hCG levels don’t show any fall or rise, then it could be due to a miscarriage.

    Spotting in Early Pregnancy

    Spotting in early pregnancy can spell terror for the mother. Yes, you must call your doctor immediately if you experience such a symptom. It may not always mean a miscarriage; there could be many reasons for the same. It might occur due to sexual intercourse or after a vaginal exam. It might also be due to cervical ectopy or when placenta implants into the uterus.


    Cramping may also occur during pregnancy due to the procedure of the placenta being implanted in the uterus. The cramping is not a cause for fear if it is usually mild and lasts for a short span. However, if there are pain and bleeding along with cramping, then it’s best to visit your doctor.

    Loss of Pregnancy Symptoms 

    Pregnancy symptoms might fluctuate daily. It is not worrisome if you fail to experience breast tenderness, mood swings, bloating and food cravings. These symptoms are more evident in the early trimester and start fading away after that period.

    No Morning Sickness

    We all know that nausea and morning sickness is a part of a normal pregnancy. However, if you no longer feel nauseous in the morning it doesn’t mean that you have lost your baby. It only means that your body has adjusted to its new state and the symptoms are alleviating.

    An Ultrasound Result with no conclusions

    It’s common to see ultrasound which doesn’t show any conclusive results. If there is an absence of the fetal heartbeat, then get yourself checked at some other time. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your worst fears have come true.

    Threatened miscarriage 

    It refers to the condition in which the bleeding starts but the cervix remains closed. It is accompanied by an ultrasound that shows that the baby’s heart is working. Threatened miscarriage is found to be occurring in 20 per cent of pregnancies during the early stages. However, it doesn’t mean an actual miscarriage.

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