The must-know facts about infertility – Types, Genesis and Treatments

The must-know facts about infertility – Types, Genesis and Treatments

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Everybody feels the need to have children after a certain age. But the couples get thoroughly disappointed when their attempts to become parents go in vain. According to a Gynaecologist in Punjab, the couples should take the help of an IVF Centre in Punjab in case they are not succeeding in their attempts to become parents. Because it is not necessary that IVF centres only take into account the IVF procedure, but they also rely on variegated stratagems like Intrauterine Insemination, Mini IVF and drug therapies.

  • Male Infertility Vs Female Infertility

Male infertility is a phenomenon in which there is a problem in semen samples. The problem could be disfigured sperms, motility of sperms and an insignificant number of sperms.

Female infertility is the phenomenon in which owing to different conditions, either the egg is not able to get mature or it is not capable of becoming an embryo because of certain conditions.

Do you know

Every two in eight couples are having children with the help of fertility treatments.

  • Causes

Causes of male infertility are categorised as genetic and environmental. In the ensuing information, we shall be first of all discussing the environmental causes of the male infertility

  • Excessively heated atmosphere

This factor particularly contributes to male infertility. Nevertheless, for the generation of good quality sperms, the testes need a cool temperature.

  • Drugs and prescribed medications

First of all, it is of utmost importance to intake any medications or drugs with the prescription of a gynaecologist. Because intaking unprescribed medications will only harm the functioning of the reproductive organs.

  • Toxicants

If an individual is perpetually keeping himself or herself in the exposure of the harmful toxicants, then it is high time either you should change your job or you will have to take up the option of the donor-oriented IVF treatment.

  • Deficiency

Neither the male nor the female partner should suffer from any kind of deficiency.

  • Genetic Causes

Following genetic causes pitches in infertility among males:

  • Mutations
  • Crooked transformations in the genes
  • Hormonal issues
  • Treatment of the male infertility

No doubt, the treatment of infertility is available with the Ivf centres which take into account sundry different strategies. But if you still want to pursue the natural process of conception then, should follow the ensuing points.

  • Don’t be stressed

No doubt how healthy your reproductive organs are but if you are keeping with a high level of stress, then infertility is obvious to come into the light.

  • Avoid bad things

Yes!! In our society, smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol are considered bad. It is not only considered bad because it is deemed unethical but because it causes adverse effects on fertility.

Last resort

If after following the above-mentioned treatment measures, one is still not able to get pregnant, then it is the indication that either IVF will work for you or any kind of surgical procedure will be considered as the last resort for the same.

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