Things Men Must Know About Sperm Motility

Things Men Must Know About Sperm Motility

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    Infertility has become a very common issue among men and women. In recent times, it is seen that male infertility has also been on a rise. Around 40 to 50 percent of cases of infertility have around 7% of cases of male infertility. Read the given topic to have a better understanding of sperm motility.


    Male Infertility is also a very common issue like women’s infertility. This means when the couple is not able to conceive, the fertility of both the partners will be checked to understand the exact reason and to give the treatment accordingly.

    One of the reasons for male infertility is low sperm motility. Motility is referred to as a movement. It means if the sperm movement is not proper then it won’t be able to reach the women’s ovaries and the egg will not get fertilized which is important for conception.

    Poor sperm motility is also known as ‘asthenozoospermia’ and it is diagnosed when around 32% of the sperm are not able to move effectively.

    Fortunately, when you visit our IVF centre our fertility doctor will give you treatment of IVF along with ICSI to improve the conception chances.

    How is the problem diagnosed?

    Semen Analysis

    Semen analysis is the most basic test to detect the fertility issue. The test helps to know the sperm formation along with how they interact with semen fluid.

    Before the test, you need to abstain from sex for 2 to 7 days as this will help to increase the semen volume. The semen sample is collected in sterile containers to get the best possible results. In case, you are taking the sample at home then it should be delivered to the ICSI centre in an hour.

    What are the treatment options?

    Some of the effective treatment options which help to improve the conception changes drastically:

    IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization)

    This method has the highest success rate to help the couple to conceive successfully. In this case, the sperm and egg are kept together for fertilization. After that, it results in embryo development which is then transferred to the women’s reproductive tract.

    IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

    In this case, the best sperm is selected and kept together with the egg during ovulation.

    ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

    In this procedure, the sperm is inserted into the egg directly and the rest of the procedure is the same as IVF.

    Lifestyle changes

    By following a healthy routine will help to increase sperm motility. This includes:

    • You need to keep your body weight normal and if it is 25 or more then it can affect sperm motility.
    • You should avoid the consumption of junk and oily food.
    • Additionally, you should quit smoking and consumption of alcohol because they contain harmful substances that affect male fertility.

    According to your condition, our fertility doctor will tell you what kind of treatment plan will suit you the best.

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