Things to Avoid While Conceiving

Things to Avoid While Conceiving

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    When a couple is trying to get pregnant, various things need to be kept in mind. In some cases, women can face problems because of fertility issues. When you consult the best fertility expert she will let you know what things you need to avoid while trying to conceive. Read the topic for better understanding.

    Given below are the topmost things which you should avoid while trying to conceive as suggested by our gynae.


    • Smoking, Drug, and Alcohol Use


    According to research, it is clear that smoking, alcohol, or any kind of drug use can affect women’s chances to get pregnant. So, when the woman is trying to conceive she should avoid the consumption of all these things.

    These products contain harmful toxins that can affect the reproductive system working and this can affect the growth & development of the fetus. Moreover, this can affect the menstruation cycle and the chances of pregnancy will decline.

    You should consult the gynecologist because she can tell you what changes you need to make so that your fertility does not get affected. Mostly, when the woman is facing a lot of problems and she has infertility issues then the treatment of IVF improves pregnancy chances.


    • Focus on your diet


    When you are trying to get pregnant then you need to consume a healthy and balanced diet. It is vital to eat a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients which help to ensure the sexual health is proper.

    Women should avoid saturated and food with high cholesterol. If you do not eat well then it will increase your weight and thus increase the miscarriage chances. The food options like deli meat, high-mercury fish, and low-fat dairy should be avoided. Putting your health first will help your baby’s health to be proper.


    • Stress


    Taking prolonged stress can increase the risk of infertility and it can make it difficult for the women to conceive. Different studies have shown that the woman can face problems while she is trying to conceive.

    Ideally, you should follow a routine that includes yoga, meditation, and acupuncture.


    • Beauty and personal care products


    On an everyday basis, women use beauty care products like makeup, deodorants, shampoo, lotions, and toothpaste. All these products will contain the disrupting chemicals which can affect your fertility. If you want to make sure you are in the best health then you need to choose the options which do not affect your health. Even for the cleaning supplies, you need to be very careful that you choose them carefully.


    • Medications


    Make sure you do not take the medications without consulting the doctor. If your doctor has not advised you to take certain medication then you need to avoid them.

    For more information, you can talk to our doctor and she will help you understand how to improve your conception chances.

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