Things to keep in mind before going for fertility testing

Things to keep in mind before going for fertility testing

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    Infertility problem is becoming very common among men and women. Well, the exact reason behind the problem is known by undergoing fertility testing. But, it is essential that you keep in mind certain things before the fertility testing. To make things easy we have mentioned them in this guide.

    Here are a few important things that should be kept in mind before you choose to undergo fertility testing.

    Fertility tests are of different types

    • When you consult the doctor for a fertility problem, first blood test is done to determine the AMH (anti-Mullerian hormone) level. The hormone is released by the eggs and with age, the egg count declines so does the AMH level. Undergoing this test will help to determine how many eggs are there.
    • With the blood tests, the FSH level can also be determined (Follicle-stimulating hormone). The level increases as the egg count decline. This way it helps to know about ovarian reserve in a better manner.
    • In case the women are not able to conceive than other tests like urine tests and hysterosalpingography are recommended. This test helps in checking for any type of abnormalities or blockage in the uterus and fallopian tubes. This way it will help the IVF doctor to make the best treatment plan.
    • In the case of men, they are asked to give the semen sample which helps in testing the quality and quantity of the sperm.

    Undergoing fertility is not always cheap & easy

    Unfortunately, not all the tests are cheap and easy. At the time you choose a clinic and they do not do all the tests which can become hectic and stressful. Also, there are different test needed in case the reason is not clear which eventually cost you more money. Make sure you choose the fertility doctor who is experienced and skilled so that you can get the right treatment from the IVF centre.

    Few studies suggest AMH level is not of great importance

    One of the studies published that ovarian reserve will not tell about the fertility. Around 750 women age 30 to 44 got blood and urine tests who were trying to conceive for 3 months or less and then checked on them for 12 months. At this time, around 500 women conceived and the level of FSH and AMH did not leave any significant effect on those who conceived and did not.

    Fertility is affected by lifestyle factors

    Even if the test comes normal, lifestyle factors can affect conception chances. One of them is Body Mass Index (BMI) which is for both men and women. Other factors like smoking, stress, diet, and physical activity can create a problem.

    Make sure you seek the help of the best fertility doctor so that you are able to understand everything.

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