Things You Must know about Subfertility

Things You Must know about Subfertility

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    Sometimes when a couple is trying to conceive it can be difficult to do it naturally. In such cases when you visit the doctor for the consultation you will hear words like infertility or subfertility. In this guide, we are going to highlight the different things about subfertility.


    When a couple is trying to conceive but they cannot, they might hear words like infertility or sterility. Here what we are referring to is sterility which means there is a delay in conception.

    Subfertility is an overwhelming problem but many fertility treatments can make it easy to get pregnant. Our IVF doctor will give you a reliable treatment that suits your condition. In most cases, the IVF is considered as the best treatment option to increase conception chances. Visit our IVF centre and we will help you understand how the treatment works.

    Well, it is essential to understand which type of infertility treatment can suit your condition the best. Given below are the topmost things about subfertility which you should know


    • Evolutionary history shows that humans are not fertile


    Research has shown that the chances of conception are around 15 to 20 percent. When it comes to subfertility, the problem is caused by structural problems like blocked fallopian tubes or issues with ovaries. In some cases, there are functional issues like it can be difficult for the egg to be released on time, or the sperm is not delivered at the right time.


    • Fertility can be affected adversely


    One of the major issues is women’s age. When a woman is born she has a finite number of eggs and with time it will be depleted regularly during each menstrual cycle till the menstruation. With age, women can face problems as the egg starts to age. This is the reason, fertility declines as the women age and specifically, it reduces after the age of 35.


    • 90 percent of people will conceive within the first year of trying


    In case, you have tried for one year but are not able to conceive then you need to seek help from an expert. It is important to be aware of the risk factors and understand what you need to do.


    • Getting the treatment at the right time helps


    Couples delay seeing the medical expert for different reasons. Some people might feel sensitive to talk about these issues. But, it is essential to consult as age is an essential factor. The success chances are higher when you get the treatment early from the medical expert.


    • Various fertility treatment


    In some cases, the issue of subfertility is minor so there might not be the need to get advanced treatment. In such cases, the option of egg freezing and ovarian tissue preservation can be extremely helpful.

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