Things You Must Know Before Visiting a Fertility Doctor

Things You Must Know Before Visiting a Fertility Doctor

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    Many couples face the issue of conceiving naturally which means either both of them are infertile or one of them. In that case, it is essential to know what is the reason that you are facing the problem. In this guide, we will tell you all those things which you need to know before visiting the fertility specialist.

    There are some couples who are trying to have a child but the results are coming negative every time. If the women are under the age of 35 and trying to conceive for 12 months without using the birth control then you should visit the fertility doctor. If the women are over the age of 35, then wait for six months before getting the help.

    Whatever the case is you should seek the help of fertility specialist to determine what is affecting your chances to conceive. Here, are certain things which you should know before you visit the fertility doctor:

    • To check whether you are ovulating or not

    The first thing which your doctor will check whether the woman is ovulating or not. This means it is essential that women should release an egg every month. Even you can check this thing on your own before you visit for an appointment. Check your basal body temperature for some months. You can ask your gynae to let you know more about this process.

    • Different type of Fertility Testing

    When you meet your fertility specialist, he/she will go over your entire medical history to plan the treatment accordingly. They will also give you a fertility test which you and your partner have to get. It includes a blood test, physical examination, semen analysis, ultrasounds, checking fallopian tube, ovarian cysts, and fibroid.

    • Getting a basic fertility treatment plan

    Once all the test and diagnosis have been done, the doctor will get to know about the reason why you are facing trouble conceiving. After that, the doctor will prepare a treatment plan for you.

    In some cases, the reason is not clear then also the patient can be treated. Doesn’t matter whatever the case is IVF treatment has been proved very beneficial.

    • Fertility drugs can give side-effects

    Infertility treatment, medications are really helpful in stimulating the production of an egg. There are some cases, in which fertility drugs are used alone. In IVF also, fertility medications are used. But, you need to know that these medications are results in potential side effects. Don’t worry the doctor will tell you everything in detail.

    • Consider the cost of Treatment

    No doubt, the treatment is expensive. For this, it is essential you plan beforehand everything so that the entire treatment goes smoothly.

    If you are facing issue then you can see an infertility counselor as they help the couples who are going to get the treatment or undergoing it.

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