Time it takes to diagnose with PCOS problem?

Time it takes to diagnose with PCOS problem?

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    To know whether you are facing PCOS problem there is no single test. The doctor will ask about the symptoms you are having and do blood tests to find out if you are facing this problem. Read the given topic to know how much time is needed to diagnose the condition of PCOS.

    PCOS is a common hormone problem that can trigger problems with weight, skin, fertility, and period. There is a risk of other conditions like type 2 diabetes. If you have and finding it sooner means the PCOS treatment can be started early. But, is it possible that the problem can be diagnosed early. No doubt, this condition affects millions of women and so it should be possible that women should have a better experience when they are diagnosed with PCOS.

    Are women satisfied with the method of being diagnosed with PCOS?

    This is true that PCOS is the most common endocrine problem and this affects around 1 in 10 women. Overall around 15% of women suffer from this condition. So, it is easy to think that diagnosing the PCOS will be very easy. However, the process takes time and pain is also there.

    What does the survey show?

    • A survey was done on 1385 women and around 335 of them were diagnosed with PCOS. Moreover, they waited for 2 years to get diagnosed with it. Around half of them had to see 3 or more health care professionals before it is being diagnosed.
    • Around 35% of women were not happy with the diagnosis experience and many felt that they did not find the information they needed.
    • Another issue is that for PCOS first line of treatment is considered as lifestyle changes and diet. Around 45% of women reported that the doctor did not tell them about lifestyle changes.

    It is important that you should take the help of the skilled and experienced PCOS doctor so that you get all the required information you need.

    Easier to diagnose

    There is no such reason that the problem cannot be diagnosed by the primary health care provider. Make sure that while getting the problem diagnosed you consult the best doctor as they will let you know everything in detail.

    Rare cases where the PCOS was not diagnosed

    Women who are living with PCOS have secondary health risks linked with it and around 50% of women go undiagnosed. This means they were not known that diet and lifestyle changes need to be made. This means they were not able to prevent the health issues which are linked with the PCOS problem.

    Keep in mind that let your doctor know everything that you are experiencing or any changes you have noticed. The doctor will ask you different questions which help them know which treatment plan will suit you the best.

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