Tips for Men : When Trying to Conceive

Tips for Men : When Trying to Conceive

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    When you are trying to conceive not only women have to follow things, men also have to keep in mind some things. In some cases, men face the issue with fertility because they do not take proper care of their health and their lifestyle choices are wrong. In this topic, we will tell the tips men should follow while conceiving.

    Here are a few tips men should follow when they are trying to conceive:

    • Health should be the first priority

    If men are experiencing medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes, then it might affect the men chances of getting his partner to conceive. Male fertility is also affected by cystic fibrosis or when veins get enlarged in the scrotum which causes overheating. Certain medications used to treat anxiety, depression, pain, and high blood pressure can also lead to a negative effect on fertility. Therefore, it is essential you speak with your doctor while taking any medications as it should not affect your fertility.

    • Keep the weight normal

    Studies have shown that if men or women’s overweight then it takes longer for them to conceive. Additionally, it also affects sperm quality and also the sperm count. It is true that men who have normal have more chances to conceive successfully.

    • Start taking a multivitamin

    The gynecologist also suggests that men should start taking a multivitamin. Well, there is little harm of this along with potential benefits. It includes antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc, and minerals selenium. Well, some research has shown that antioxidants do increase sperm count and its movement.

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    • Start eating healthy

    Well, the role of food in male fertility is not clear, even though many studies show that including plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet improve sperm health. Additionally, limit the consumption of coffee as some studies have shown fertility problem increases in men because of these things.

    • Smoking and Alcohol should be ditched

    Sperm health is affected by smoking and drinking alcohol. Studies have shown that men who smoke have chances of making their partner pregnant. This is because the sperm movement is not proper along with its shape.

    In addition to this, men who drink alcohol so much also face the issue. So, make sure you do not drink, smoke, avoid the use of steroids, or drugs.

    • Fertility is changed with age

    As women, fertility changes with age so does men experience the same thing. With age, the volume and quality of sperm decline. Along with this, movement and number of sperm which are healthy reduces. Due to these changes, it takes longer for the couple to conceive.

    If you are facing an issue then you should consult a doctor for the treatment option at the right time.

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