Tips to Get Pregnant With Irregular Periods

Tips to Get Pregnant With Irregular Periods

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    Many women and girls are facing the issue of irregular periods. One of the most commonly asked questions is, “Can I conceive with irregular periods?” Yes, but it can be slightly difficult as compared to someone with a regular cycle. Do not worry, in this guide your fertility doctor has shared some tips to improve conception chances.


    One of the studies has shown that women who have a regular cycle are more likely to conceive easily as compared to those with a difference of more than 10 days. Irregular periods can make it difficult to conceive. But, it does not mean they cannot get pregnant on their own. If you are struggling through the same condition then the treatment option like IVF can improve the success rate drastically. Just make sure to visit the best IVF centre to get a reliable treatment plan according to your condition.

    Is your menstrual cycle irregular?

    Irregular menstrual cycle means the cycle is either 21 days short or longer than 36 days. If your cycle varies every month then it is irregular. For example One month the cycle is 23 days and the next month it is 35 days, then it is considered irregular. If your cycle length is extremely short, or long then there are high chances you will have a fertility issue.

    How much variation in cycles is normal?

    In case, the cycle is off by one or 2 days from month to month, then it is pretty normal. But, if the cycle length varies by 5 or more days then there is a high risk of fertility problems.

    Tip to get pregnant with Irregular cycle

    Predict ovulation

    With irregular periods, you are ovulating so you need to predict ovulation. You should buy the ovulation predictor kit and this way it will help you determine the best time to have sex. But, make sure to talk to your doctor because they can guide you better on how to use them. Additionally, check your basal body temperature every morning right after getting up.

    Frequent sex is important in Irregular periods

    Having frequent sex throughout the irregular cycle is going to help you a lot. With this, you do not have to worry about the ovulation. It means if you have intercourse 3 to 4 times a week, then there are high you will have sex on a fertile day.

    Talk to your doctor about medications

    In case you are ovulating, the fertility doctor will guide your medications to boost ovulation. The most common drug is Clomid and it also has a high success rate. Medications have proved very helpful in women with PCOS and insulin resistance.

    Opt for certain lifestyle changes

    You need to exercise daily, follow a healthy diet, and keep your body weight stable.

    For more information, book your consultation with our fertility doctor today only.

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