Tips to Help Get Rid of Infertility

Tips to Help Get Rid of Infertility

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    Infertility is the inability to get pregnant, despite the fact you have been trying for 12 months. Around 50 million couples experience the issues of infertility. With time, technological advancement has helped the couples to conceive with IVF treatment. Read the topic, to learn tips to get rid of infertility.

    When a couple visits our IVF centre to consult about the fertility treatment, then always ask, ‘Are there any tips to get rid of infertility?’ Given below are some of the helpful tips to get rid of infertility.

    Follow a healthy routine

    • No matter what you do in your life, it leaves an impact on your health. You need to make sure to adopt a healthy weight by keeping a check on your diet and following an exercise regime. You must exercise 5 times a week.
    • Apart from that avoid smoking, limit consumption of coffee (2 times a day only), and avoid alcohol. If you take too much stress then also fertility can get impacted. So, you should stay positive and do relaxation techniques like yoga, breathing exercises, and go for a walk.

    Studies have shown that when the women follow a healthy routine it can reduce infertility and chances of miscarriage are also reduced. Keep in mind, even if you are planning to undergo IVF these factors need to be kept in mind.

    Learn how the reproductive system functions

    Egg and sperm need to be fertilized to form an embryo which results in pregnancy. When the egg is released from the ovaries it is ovulation which happens on 13 to 15th day of the menstrual cycle. During ovulation, having intercourse will increase the chances of pregnancy. If you are not sure about the ovulation cycle, then you should talk to the fertility doctor for better understanding

    Seek Medical Help Immediately

    Consulting the fertility specialist at the right time is very essential. In case you are under 35 and trying for one year then seek medical help.

    In case, you are above 35, and trying for 6 months then you need to seek medical help right away.

    Understanding the infertility reason

    Around 30% of infertility cases are women and 30% of infertility cases are men. The combination of both men and women is around 30% and the rest of them are unexplained.

    So, you must consult the doctor right away to have a better understanding of what is the exact reason for infertility. You should not lose hope because many infertile couples can become parents by undergoing fertility treatment despite all the odds.

    Get the customized fertility treatment

    Consult our doctor and understand which fertility treatment will improve your conception chances like In-Vitro-Fertilization, IUI, and ICSI. For more information, consult our fertility expert today only!

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