Tips To Increase Chances of healthy conception with IVF

Tips To Increase Chances of healthy conception with IVF

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    Discovering that you have fertility issues is really bad news. You might not know how to handle the bad news. The news has many implications. It blurs out any chances of having a child without medical intervention. But thanks to modern science, you have more options than the previous generation had. They had to either live with the stigma and childlessness or adopt a child. With you, there are many options available. One such treatment is the IVF treatment. The treatment has caught on and many couples have been blessed with a child after undergoing such treatments. While the treatment has high success rates, we would like to mention a few guidelines which will lead to sure shot results –

    1. Gather Yourself

    Brace the truth and prepare yourself for the physical challenges the treatment poses. You might have to face a lot of discomfort with a lot of sickening and frustrating steps involved. Don’t give up until the whole cycle finishes.

    2. Be Sure Of The Team

    Your chances of getting pregnant might run into trouble because of silly mistakes by the team members. So do your research work thoroughly before handing over your body (and your hard earned money) to the hospital. An expert doctor can make or break the chances of getting it right. Gomti Thapar has one of the best Gynae in moga.

    3. Don’t Procrastinate

    Don’t keep waiting endlessly for starting the treatment. Age is a big factor in the ability to conceive. Your biological clock is ticking away. For maximizing your chances of getting the best result after IVF call for swift action. If you wait for too long, your treatment might not bear fruit.

    4. Take Stock Of Your Health

    Your infertility might be due to your poor overall health. If you are an alcoholic, smoker or indulge in drug abuse, it is time to give up such habits. You will have to follow a regular schedule for eating and sleeping. A nutritious diet and adequate sleep will also count.

    5. Bust The Stress

    The last but the most important tip –keep the stress away from you. Don’t let impatience get the better of you. Impatience and anxiety are common among women undergoing IVF. The stress and the impatience can wreak havoc on your chances of getting pregnant. Give your body some time if you have been through repeated cycles and failure was all you got. Our mental wellbeing and physical functions of the body are closely connected. Respect the association.

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