Tips to Minimize Risk of Miscarriage

Tips to Minimize Risk of Miscarriage

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    Miscarriage is an unfortunate incident that can mar the couple’s journey to parenthood with grief and loss. However, sometimes the factors are beyond our control. Most miscarriages happen due to chromosomal (genetic) abnormalities and other physical factors. But you can take some preventive steps to ensure that you don’t risk your pregnancy. Gynae Punjab is here to help you with minimizing the risks associated with pregnancy.

    Avoid smoking

    According to the lady doctor, smoking in women raises the chances of having a miscarriage, regardless of their age or use of alcoholic beverages. The higher the number of cigarettes,  the higher the risk of losing pregnancy. Make sure there are no active or passive smokers in the household.

    Thumbs down for alcoholic beverages and caffeine

    If you want to ensure the good health of your fetus, you will have to keep your alcoholism at bay for some time. Indulging in such drinks considerably increases your chances of losing the baby. Having too much caffeine also raises the risk. Well, one cup of coffee per day will be just fine but not more than that.

    Steer clear of radiation and poisons

    Avoid Exposure to radiation or toxic substances as it can increase the risk of miscarriage. You should also avoid coming in contact with benzene, arsenic, lead, formaldehyde, and ethylene oxide as they can cause the most unfortunate thing for a pregnant woman. Ensure that you are not exposed to these substances whether at work or home.

    Avoid stressing the abdomen

    Don’t indulge in sports that might lead to serious falls. Even driving should be done carefully during pregnancy.

    Call your doctor before taking any medications 

    Certain medicines can lead to fetal abnormalities and miscarriages. Therefore it is necessary to consult your doctor before taking any medicine during pregnancy. The same holds true for couples trying to conceive as they can incur damage to the fetus even before you know you are pregnant.

    Increase folic intake

    Miscarriage can be caused by low levels of plasma folate. Folic acid is recommended even in couples who are trying to conceive as it helps in decreasing neural tube defects. However, folic acid supplements are also necessary for lowering the risk of early miscarriage.

    Protection from Infectious hazards

    The pregnant women should stay away from a viral and bacterial infection that may harm the unborn baby if the mother becomes infected. Certain infections like Herpes, Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS can pass to the baby through the placenta. Rubella, and cytomegalovirus are viruses capable of causing miscarriage, congenital defects or delay physical and mental development in the baby. Women who work in hospitals, schools, childcare, emergency services, and animal care should thus be careful while handling blood products or opt for reassignment in other areas.

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