Tips to Prevent Bladder Control Problems (Urinary Incontinence)

Tips to Prevent Bladder Control Problems (Urinary Incontinence)

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    The bladder is located in the lower abdomen and it is a part of the urinary system. In addition to this, it is also known as a hollow organ which is similar to a balloon and helps in storing the urine. As we age, the bladder changes which eventually result in health issue such as urinary tract infection, bladder infection, and urinary incontinence. In this case, it would be better if you visit a urologist to get a proper check-up of the bladder. Here are some tips in which you can prevent urinary incontinence.

    • Stay Hydrated

    You should always keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water so that you feel the urge to urinate every few hours. You should learn what is better for you and the dehydrated body is not good. If you drinking enough fluid then the urine will be pale yellow. It would best if you consult the doctor how much water you should drink according to your size, and activity level.

    • Do not take drugs or smoke

    Taking a drug also increases the risk of bladder problem as directly affect the urinary system. Additionally, smoking not only affect the bladder health but it also affects the overall health. People who smoke eventually develop coughing which turns into stress incontinence.

    • Avoid constipation

    The constipation problem can make the health of the urinary tract worse and lead to the issue of urinary incontinence. One of the best ways, to prevent this problem is by eating plenty of high-fiber food such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. You should be more active physically. Make you visit the best urology centre and consult the best doctor.

    • Keep good toilet habits

    You should not wait to go to the bathroom when you feel the need. Holding it for a long time is not the best thing. This is because it makes the bladder muscles wear out. Additionally, it can also develop bladder infection if you hold urine for a long time period. This will lead to urinary incontinence. The best way to sit on the toilet seat in full crouching squat. The muscles will not relax if you hover over on the toilet seat and it might happen that the urine will be left in the bladder.

    • Exercising regularly

    Exercising regularly is very helpful in keeping the bladder healthy. Make sure you go for morning and evening walk so that the bladder is not infected. If you are not sure which physical activity will help then consult the doctor which exercise will help to reduce the weight.

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