Tips To Prevent Kidney Stones Risk In Summers

Tips To Prevent Kidney Stones Risk In Summers

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    Summer brings a lot of pleasant things one of which is spending time in the pool. We are willing to spend long hours in the pool to feel cool. But spending so much time in the pool can actually be detrimental for us. While we think that we are cooling off, we are actually exposing our bodies to an unlimited amount of sunlight which gives way to dehydration. This leads to an unpleasant effect on the internal organs as well. It is not for nothing that the summer season is known as kidney stone season. Let us see how spending time in the pool can lead to the formation of kidney stones. It sounds really unlikely but indeed it is true. According to a famous urologist, we need to make some changes in our lifestyle to avoid the formation of kidney stones. Large and hard stones need surgery for Kidney stone removal.

    Kidneys and Summer:

    As we all know, we tend to sweat a lot during summers which lead to loss of water in the body. This leads to the concentration of urine. It also leads to the high quantity of residual salt in the kidneys. This residue hardens over time and leads to the formation of crystalline structures. These structures are actually kidney stones. The formation usually starts with one stone but soon several stones start forming. They might not pain in the beginning but as they grow larger in size and block the ureters, the person can feel excruciating pain.

    How to prevent kidney stones

    Hydrate Yourself

    Stay away from caffeine products such as tea or coffee as they dehydrate your body. Drink a lot of water to keep yourself well hydrated. Drinking other fluids will also help. Adding a slice of lemon to the water will discourage the formation of stones in the kidney. You should have a lot of fruits and green vegetable which have high water content.

    Watch What You Eat

    People who have a diet comprising of refined sugar, salt and animal protein are more prone to developing kidney stones. Extra salt in the body encourages extraction of calcium from the bones and deposition of the same in the kidneys. Sugar breaks down into glucose and extra glucose proves to be harmful to the kidneys. An ideal food item is a non dairy fat, which supplies calcium without posing a hazard for the kidneys.

    Find Out Your Possibility

    If you have a history of kidney stones, then you have high chances of developing them in the future. It is better to prevent such a situation. Then the doctor can provide you with medicines which prevent the formation of stones. On the other hand, some medication like antacids, calcium supplements, antibiotics, and diuretics can make you prone to developing stones.

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