Tips to Stay Mentally Strong during IVF

Tips to Stay Mentally Strong during IVF

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    It is not going to be easy opting for IVF and going through the rigmarole. However, you can do many things to make yourself feel relaxed during the repeated visits to the IVF centre. According to IVF doctor, you can work out a routine that can relax you while you are planning an IVF baby. So sit back and read on for making IVF an enjoyable experience.

    Soothe yourself at a Spa

    Your body and mind undergo immense pressure during IVF treatment. All the medication, injections and monitoring procedures can take a toll on your body. Your body will feel relaxed after a good massage and relieve your tension. So approach the nearest spa and relax.

    Shed some Sweat

    You might not feel inclined to exercise during the difficult days of IVF treatment, but it can be highly beneficial. Doing exercise even on a moderate level will make you happier and stress-free. This is because exercising releases feel-good endorphins.

    Talk it over 

    Talking about the problem of infertility, and the way you feel during treatment will help you communicate the details to others and encourage you to confide in your trusted friends. You can talk to your partner, your friend your therapist about it.

    Lay Low

    Don’t rush into hectic routines and focus on relaxing. It is the time to avoid or postpone extra work, hectic deadlines and tight schedules. Instead, focus on giving some free time to yourself and keeping calm.

    Learn to accept things 

    It’s completely normal to feel frustrated that you have to undergo such a procedure to have a baby while others seem to have it without any effort. The key to happiness lies in the acceptance of the fact that you will have to put in extra effort to hold your baby in your arms. You can seek out the help of support groups and go through websites to get access to the stories infertile people have to share.

    Indulge in Self-Care 

    Do whatever makes you feel loved and pampered. You could opt for gorging on your favorite chocolate and going in for afternoon naps. Life will be much better if you listen to your body and put yourself first. It will be a great stress buster and have a positive effect on your IVF treatment.

    Enjoy your company 

    The above tips could either be carried out with your partner or alone, the choice is yours. If your partner has an enthusiasm for such activities, then you could do the activity together. If you think you are better off alone, you will enjoy each moment of it. We wish you luck from our side

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