Tips you should follow if You Are Not Able to Become Pregnant

Tips you should follow if You Are Not Able to Become Pregnant

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    In some cases, the woman is not able to get pregnant on her own. Well, this happens due to the number of options from her lifestyle preferences to health issues. It is essential to consult the medical expert and get the treatment plan which works best for you. Read the given topic to learn the tips if you are not able to conceive.


    When you plan to conceive, it can seem exciting and nerve-wracking. It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid the consumption of alcohol. At this point, you need to keep a note of the menstrual cycle, intercourse timing, and ovulation period. No doubt, you might choose several options and see which works ideal for you.

    But, after months of trying you are still not able to get the results. This can seem worrisome and you might lose your hope to get pregnant. If this is the case, then consult the gynae right away and get answers to all your problems. Our doctor will give you the perfect treatment plan which works in your favor.

    Pregnancy can take a long time!

    Before you lose hope, you need to keep in mind that there are some factors which can make the pregnancy take a long time than expected:

    • Women below 25 should wait for one year before thinking fertility is compromised. It might be possible there are other issues like the irregular menstrual cycle, male infertility, or multiple miscarriages.
    • Women aged 35 or above should try for 6 months before seeking medical help. No doubt, if there are other issues then consult the medical help right away.
    • You need to understand the ovulation pattern and for that, it is essential to consult the doctor.

    If you are aware of these factors, but still encountering problems, then talk to your medical expert at our IVF centre in Punjab. In most cases, IVF is the best treatment plan for the couple, no matter what type of fertility problem they are facing.

    How to check for infertility?

    The easiest way to determine the fertility issue is by consulting the doctor. The doctor will do through check-up and then let you know what kind of treatment you need to get.

    Fertility testing

    The doctor will do a blood test and then the hormone level is checked along with the ovulation. In the case of men, the semen analysis is done to evaluate the sperm count, movement, and shape.

    What happens after the Initial testing?

    In case, you have been diagnosed with the uterine issue, tubal scarring, endometriosis. Or ovarian problems then you need to get further testing. The testing can be done through laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

    According to your condition, the doctor will prescribe you the treatment plan which improves the chances of conception.

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