Everything about causes, types & treatment for Infertility in men and women

Everything about causes, types & treatment for Infertility in men and women

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    Infertility has become extremely common in men and women. This means they are not able to conceive naturally due to the problem they are facing. In that case, you must visit the best IVF centre in Punjab so that the doctor can diagnose your condition and let you know which treatment plan will suit your condition the best.

    Infertility causes

    During the normal reproduction process, the interaction is needed between men and women’s reproductive tracts. The normal conception is possible when the sperm and egg meet which travels through the fallopian tube and then enter the uterus. This results in fertilization and the embryo is formed which results in pregnancy.

    • Pelvic Inflammatory disease is linked with a sexually transmitted disease like chlamydia and gonorrhoea which can also damage the fallopian tube. There can be scarring on the fallopian tube which means the surgery is needed. If you don’t want to get surgery, then the ideal choice is to get IVF treatment.
    • Endometriosis affects the reproductive organs which lead to infertility. This means, the tissue grows outside the uterus and the fallopian tube is damaged.
    • Certain environmental factors can affect sperm quality. Certain exposure to lead, pesticides, and heavy metals lead to male infertility.
    • If a person smokes, drinks, or uses any type of drug the fertility is affected adversely. Studies have shown the sperm production decreases and testicles sixes reduce. In the case of women, the cervical mucus is changed which can make it difficult for sperm to reach the egg.
    • If the couple’s weight is more than normal then also conception can become difficult. Make sure to follow a proper exercise regime to stay fit.

    Infertility treatment

    One of the best treatment options is to undergo the treatment of IVF. In this case, the sperm and egg are kept together in a controlled environment so that they result in fertilization. This will result in embryo formation. Once the embryo is developed, the best quality one will be selected and put back to the reproductive tract which results in conception. In the case of men, the ICSI treatment is used in which the sperm is added into the egg directly.

    When you should consult the fertility specialist?

    A fertility specialist is experienced who knows about reproductive endocrinology. The doctor is highly trained and qualified to give the best treatment for infertility. At times, the couple feels nervous to talk to the professionals and they do not consult the professional. But, this is the biggest mistake they can make. So, visiting the fertility clinic is the right choice to get your condition diagnosed in the right manner

    Diagnosing the infertility

    The doctor will discuss in detail about the medical history of both men and women. The doctor will also ask about the previous miscarriage, if you have undergone medical treatment in the past, or how long you have been trying to get pregnant.

    Make sure to tell about every small information to have increased chances of conception.

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