Get detailed information about facts or truth about Assisted Reproductive Technology

Get detailed information about facts or truth about Assisted Reproductive Technology

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    The inability to conceive a baby naturally is considered infertility. Well, you are not alone, but here are millions of people who are suffering from this problem. To get rid of this, they need to visit the IVF center in Punjab. This is the place where you can get knowledge about the reasons behind infertility or fertility problems.

    Age is one of the key reasons for giving people trouble conceiving. Fertility researchers worldwide believe that the fertility of women generally declines with age. The explanation is, in comparison, to men whose sperm count is often not affected by age with a certain amount, that women are born with ovaries which decrease by age.

    The average childbirth age in recent decades has also increased since many women do not consider marriage in the course of higher education or career. A number of factors have contributed to this trend: easy access to contraception, rising divorce rates, delaying pregnancy for married couples, and so on. Most people refuse to understand that fertility in the late 20s or early 30s begins to decrease.

    Female fertility continues to decline several years before menopause ends. For most people, that’s natural. For certain instances, though, the ovarian reserve was substantially reduced before the age of 30. Late depletion of ovarian reserve is caused by the usage of smoke, alcohol and pharmaceuticals, over-exposure to air toxins, family history of early ovarian failure, ovarian cancer, and care.

    All these factors contribute to infertility, which can only be treated with the help of ART. This is additionally known as Assisted Reproductive Technology includes IVF treatment and ICSI technique. 

    The facts about Assisted Reproductive Technology

    The wide range of stories and information that can be found on the Internet makes it possible for women to delay their pregnancy and later to become pregnant with ART. Such people are not conscious of the effect of age on success levels and the potential to get pregnant naturally in infertility treatments. If a woman has a 20% probability of pregnancy at 30 age, so while she is spontaneously seeking, her pregnancy risk declines to 5% every month at 40 age.

    Therefore, after 6 months of failed conceived attempts, women aged more than 35 should be subject to an accelerated assessment and treatment. For women over 40 years, a fertility specialist should be consulted immediately. A thorough assessment of the ovarian reserve is needed for the infertility assessment in women of advanced reproductive age.

    Preserving fertility

    The maintenance of fertility may be saved among those who want to postpone their birth. Preserving fertility is an attempt to help people maintain fertility or procreation capacity. To preserve fertility, you need to talk to an IVF specialist, he/she will tell you the whole procedure to preserve fertility for future use.

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