What are the types of fertility doctors and what type of treatment they are specialized in?

What are the types of fertility doctors and what type of treatment they are specialized in?

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    Fertility specialists are able and have done specialized training to give you the treatment for reproductive organs. Many reasons can be there, you need to consult the fertility expert at the best IVF centre in Punjab. Let’s understand some of the major reasons you need to do that are:

    • Women having trouble getting pregnant for 6 months or if she is older than 35, then medical assistance is needed. If you are below 35 and trying to conceive for 12 months, then you need to consult the doctor.
    • Faced recurrent miscarriages in the past.
    • Trying to get pregnant and there are known risk factors for infertility issues such as genetic issues, irregular cycles, or prior sexually transmitted disease.
    • Men or women who have got a cancer diagnosis and want to preserve their fertility before treatment and those who want to conceive after getting the treatment.
    • Men or women who want to get permanent birth control options like vasectomy or tubal ligations.

    The primary care physician or gynecologist can start the evolution method and even suggest basic treatment like Clomid. This is the reason you need to see the fertility expert and you will be given the treatment accordingly by performing the basic tests.


    Which doctors are specialized in fertility?

    • Reproductive endocrinologists are most people who think that they are fertility experts. They have done additional training and they can even suggest the treatment to treat the fertility of males and females.

    The endocrinologist is going to do different fertility tests and treatment which includes IVF and IUI. Fertility treatment can be of great help to cancer patients in preserving fertility for the future. Undergoing cancer treatment can greatly impact your reproductive health.

    • Another specialist is a reproductive surgeon which will perform the necessary surgical treatment and helps to treat the major issues which go beyond the process of just conceiving.

    With the treatment, endometriosis or fibroids are treated. Along with that, reverse vasectomies and tubal ligations are performed.

    • It is also possible that you consult a reproductive immunologist in the case of unexplained infertility, repeated IVF failure, and recurrent miscarriage.

    In case, the woman has autoimmune issues, endometriosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus, then also you need to consult them.


    Fertility Specialists and Clinics

    When you consult the fertility clinic you will be given the treatment by the reproductive endocrinologist. Along with the fertility doctor, some specialized nurses are trained to give you reproductive medicine. Additionally, they can also perform the sonography, or any other test needed.



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